'House' Fan Columnist: A Look Back on Cameron
'House' Fan Columnist: A Look Back on Cameron
Lisa, our House Fan Columnist, reminds fans how Cameron has grown through the seasons and maybe she's not done yet. If you're interested in writing and love TV, think about becoming a Fan Columnist.

When I first heard Jennifer Morrison was leaving House, it would be an understatement to say I was confused.  It would be accurate to say I was angry, annoyed, and shocked.  Since I hopped on the House bandwagon rather late, (just last year in fact), I was initiated into House with the new team.  It was only when I went back and watched the DVDs that I understood the original team chemistry. 

Cameron has always been an interesting character study.  In the first season of House, her hair was straight, pinned back with barrettes and she appeared the eager, naïve student.  Don't get me wrong.  She's always been brilliant; otherwise House wouldn't have hired her.  But, as he pointed out to her from the beginning, the main reason for her hiring was because she made doctoring look good.  

This set the stage for her character to have something to prove.   At medical school, I highly doubt Cameron's character had any idea she would work as a diagnostician to solve difficult medical mysteries and she thrived under House as one of his detectives.  In Season 1, she quits knowing she is doing what she thinks is right for House, Chase, Foreman, and herself. 

House gets her back, but only under her condition of going on a date with her.  This set the House/Cameron fans into a frenzy and kept them wanting more until last week when she left.  House pinned Cameron as a young woman who picked up damaged people like puppies trying to fix them.  She married a terminally ill man and watched him die.  She decided to work under House knowing his reputation for being harsh and unorthodox. 

In the first two seasons of House we see Cameron as someone who is in control, and scared to let go.  By the time Season Three rolls around, Cameron has matured.  Enough so that when she is dealing with a dying man in "Informed Consent," she lets him die.  By the end of the episode, House validates her and for the first and only time in the series, tells her he's proud of her. 

As season three progresses, we see Cameron open her heart to Chase, a relationship so many of us were rooting for.  The innocent Chase courts her, telling her every Tuesday that he wants to be with her until she finally relents, realizing that she does have feelings for him.  This is when we see her realizing that she can be with someone she doesn't need to fix and that she's ready to move on from the death of her husband. 

At this point, she still has her school girl moments with House, but she has moved on to be with Chase in a healthy relationship, which leads to the end of Season 3 where she quits her job under House for good.  She's learned all she can, or so she thinks, from House. 

In Season 5, we see more of Cameron when she pulls in a couple of patients for House.  She seems content in her life, willing to stand up for her convictions, but all the while she does come to House for patient and relationship advice showing she respects the man that taught her with his white board.  Finally, we see her ready to commit to a relationship fully and embrace her fears of commitment knowing that the last time she committed, there was a ticking clock.   

I've enjoyed Cameron as a character.  I think her morals can be over the top and too black and white, but they offer a nice point of view to the team.  She was the character you could count on to see love in the patient's eyes and give the benefit of the doubt to people she encountered.  As the show went on, she became most suspicious and more wary, but I think this was a positive thing for her.  There is such a thing as being too trusting.

And just when I think she will end on a high note, I am beyond disappointed.  Cameron's character seems to have gone backwards in time.  Is it me, or has she been the one to acknowledge time and time again that House isn't just some malicious puzzle solver, but he actually does care for ethics and for his patients?  She has recognized that he is principled when he wouldn't speak for Vogler and even in Season 5, when she went to him for advice she wanted him to push her towards love because she trusted him.

So where, oh where is the Cameron we watched on Monday coming from?  She appears beyond self-righteous.  We know when she told House he was basically an immoral man with no sanctity for life she was dead wrong.  Yes, we finally got the admittance of being in love with the man, but really, who didn't know this?  It wasn't a shock.  The shock came in her blaming the loss of her innocent husband on the apparent devil-on-his-shoulder House. 

It's unfortunate that her character was seemingly written off in a way that set her development back at least four seasons.  For Cameron to conveniently forget everything she has learned about House over the years seems to be completely out of character.  I love the writers of this show and have immense faith in their abilities to show character development, but I wish we could have seen Cameron leave on a note with more integrity of her character. 

-Lisa B. Palmer, BuddyTV Fan Columnist

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