'House' Fan Columnist: 2009 Employee Evaluations
'House' Fan Columnist: 2009 Employee Evaluations
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It's that time of year again.  That lovely time where your boss calls you in and lets you know what you're doing right and what you're doing that's not so right.  In the spirit of judgment, I'd love to take a look at how our three favorite characters have fared so far this season.  I'll be basing my evaluation on the following categories: character growth, romance, appearance, job aptitude, and humor.


Character growth: B+

If you're just tuning into the show this season, you may not understand the extent of House's growth.  However, if you've seen every episode at least twice like me, you'll understand that House is a different man this season.  He's actively attempting to put his best foot forward (his left) and make himself happier (with Cuddy, living with Wilson, and staying off the vicodin).  Of course, House wouldn't be House if he didn't maintain some of his jerkiness. I would have liked to see him encouraging Wilson to date and not being so light-hearted after Cameron left.  After an amazing journey like "Broken," I can only hope he continues in the same tone he has been to try and change. 

Romance: B

House opened himself up to Lydia and was hurt, but at least he tried.  With Cuddy, he struck out again, and who wouldn't, with Cuddy's "too little, too late" approach.  I can't blame her though.  I'm crossing my fingers that this grade will change to an "A" by the end of the season.

Appearance: A+

I may be extremely biased here, but has Hugh Laurie been working out?  And does anyone else love his hair?  I was a bit taken aback when I first saw it, but I've definitely jumped on the short-hair band wagon now.

Job aptitude: A-

Although we had a scare at the beginning of the season with House quitting his job, he's bounced back with integrity and has managed to have at least five of his trademark epiphanies this season.  Additionally, he continually fights for what is best for the patient (albeit in an untraditional way).

Humor: A+

Three words: "The Down Low."

Overall score:  A


Character Growth: B

I'm not sure I've quite figured out Cuddy's level of character growth.  Does her standing up to House count even though she's still in love with him?  She's saying no to what she truly wants because she thinks it would be best for her.  I give her props there, but I wish she had been more resigned when House was truly not good for her and not now when he actually might be.  She's still a great boss and the fact that she's actually in a relationship shows growth.  Her Thanksgiving Day stunt brought her back to a "B."

Romance: B+  

I run into some trouble here.  Should I be content because Cuddy seems to be?  Or upset that she's not with who she really needs to be with?  I'll put it out there: I don't like Lucas.  This shouldn't be news.  He is a thorn in the side of all the Huddies.  If I truly thought Lucas was the best person for Cuddy, I would upgrade Cuddy to an "A."  However, she'll only earn the "A" if she's with someone a bit smarter than Lucas.  And we all know who fits the bill there. 

Appearance: A-

After viewing the first season of House, Lisa Edelstein admits to hating her hair.  I'll go on the record and say I despised her hair from last season's "Joy to the World" through "The Social Contract." The bangs were atrocious.  I'm not sure what her stylist was thinking, but "Brady Bunch" comes to mind.  Luckily, she's beautiful despite her hair.  She's bounced back with her hair this season with a chic straightened look and great makeup that really works for her.  Granted, her outfits can be unprofessional (hence the A-), but I still think Lisa E. looks fabulous this season.

Job Aptitude: A  

Cuddy will forever strike the perfect balance of a boss.  She is the only one that can handle House and she always manages her employees with poise.  She also walks the fine line of what's best for the patient and what's against hospital policy. 

Humor: B

Although I respect that she is telling House that joke's not funny anymore--someone please recognize my Smiths reference--I wish she would retain some of her humor.  I love how she can take most of House's jabs with a grain of salt, but I love it more when she jabs back, i.e. "Well, I feel bad.  I haven't named your testicles," in response to his Patty/Selma comment in "Known Unknowns." Bring back the banter!

Overall score: B+


Character growth: A-

While Wilson is busy being a good friend to House, I'm wondering what he's doing to develop his own character.  It's not like he's busy donating a part of his liver, branching out and trying to date, or consistently doing an excellent job as a doctor at PPTH.   I loved how Wilson's wits matched House's in "The Down Low," but I'd like to see him on a date and House not holding him back.  I'd also be curious as to where the "Wilson's brother" storyline has disappeared to.

Romance: C

Well, Nora appeared to be somewhat of an option, but House thwarted that opportunity.  Granted after Amber died, he's been taking his time, but let's see Wilson try again.  Proposing to House doesn't count.

Appearance: B+

Status quo, Wilson tends not to look too different from season to season.  He looked dapper as he pursued Nora and earnest when he proposed to House. 

Job aptitude: A

During "Wilson," we were finally given a sense of Wilson's role in the hospital.  Surprise, surprise.  It's significant.  Although House ribs Wilson for being a cancer doctor to ease his guilt and neediness, it suits him.  His attentiveness to one of his regular patients ended up saving that patient's life (remember the depressed one in "Wilson?"). 

Humor: A+ 

I defer to "The Down Low" once again. 

Overall score:  B+

Do you agree with my scores?  Think I'm too harsh on Cuddy's hair?  Evaluate my evaluation.  It's only fair.   

-Lisa B. Palmer, BuddyTV Fan Columnist

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