House: "Don't Ever Change" Preview
House: "Don't Ever Change" Preview
The final pre-strike episode of House is airing tonight, just two days after the show's highly-watched post-Super Bowl installment that featured Oscar winner Mira Sorvino as a guest star.  Tonight's broadcast, called "Don't Ever Change," has House and his team racing against time to save the life of a woman who collapsed at her wedding.

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In "Don't Ever Change," a woman is admitted to Princeton-Plainsboro after she collapses at her wedding. Her test results come back negative for a variety of common diseases, leading House (Hugh Laurie) and the team to suspect foul play.  When they find out that the woman had been a successful music producer living a fast-paced life before she converted to Hasidic Judaism, House insists that people don't change that easily, and claims that her rash decision may be due to some underlying condition.

The woman's husband tells House to treat his wife for her illness and not her past, but the woman's condition continues to deteriorate, leaving the team to explore all kinds of diagnoses without compromising her newfound religious beliefs before it is too late.

Meanwhile, House is preoccupied by Wilson's (Robert Sean Leonard) new relationship with a woman who seems to have the same personality as House.

Guest-starring in tonight's House are Laura Silverman as Roz, Eval Podell as Yonatan, Faye Dewitt as Mrs. Silver, Bobbin Bergstrom as a nurse, and Karen Strassman and Heather Sher as female guests.

As mentioned earlier, "Don't Ever Change" is the final pre-strike episode of House, which means that fans will have to wait until a settlement is reached before they can catch fresh installments of the show.  However, the wait may end soon, as recent reports indicate that a tentative agreement between the writers and Hollywood execs will be announced sometime this week.

Meanwhile, the post-Super Bowl episode of House, called "Frozen," earned 29 million viewers, which was the show's highest rating ever across all demographics.  The episode was also the highest-rated scripted show in the key adult demographic since an The X-Files broadcast in 1997.

-Lisa Claustro, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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