House 3.14 Insensitive Recap
House 3.14 Insensitive Recap
It’s valentines day on House, so the perfect title for this episode is “Insensitive”. The title is, of course a reference to a patients obscure medical condition, in this case a 16 year old car accident victim name Hannah who apparently feels no pain. Don’t worry, there is plenty of ‘romantic’ stuff in this House episode as well, if you consider Cuddy’s surprising blind date ‘romantic’. The big axis of this episode is House’s obsession with the 16 year old girls inability to feel pain. A condition he sees as holding a potential solution for his own chronic pain condition, his curiosity – as usual – comes dangerously close to crossing the line. Wait, this is House, it does cross the line… 

It’s the middle of a snow storm and the ER is short handed, House hobbles down to lend a hand and runs into Hannah who he immediately diagnoses with a rare insensitivity to pain mixed with a few anti-Semitic comments. The condition is called Sepa.

When House brings the case to Cuddy, he immediately deduces she is getting ready for a blind date. She agrees to let House chase down his latest mystery disease but won’t budge on the blind date thing.

Hannah proves quite a challenge for House, she refuses his tests physically so he must resort to tom-foolery to get her sedated. The scene is a fabulous exchange of ailments between House and Hannah full of House’s patented burrs of sarcasm. After the test, Hannah goes into septic shock with a fever that rapidly climbs over 105.

The crisis is a perfect opportunity to interrupt Cuddy’s date, and House does not disappoint making a great impression on Cuddy’s would-be-suitor. Naturally Cuddy gives House the permission he needs to run a bunch of exotic tests which do nothing more than leave the team even more baffled. Hannah gives up half way through and decides to jump off the waiting room balcony.

The team continues to be baffled, House goes in search of a specialist and finds another reason to interrupt Cuddy’s evening. This time he ends up on her doorstep and the conversation quickly drifts from the patient to whether or not Cuddy is going to have sex with her date. Cuddy finally confronts House and asks him if he has the hots for her or what. House says maybe it is possible he is just trying to destroy her happiness.

Wilson finally calls House out and he admits that he is looking to possibly use the girls faulty nerve cells to quiet his own pain. Once it is out in the open, House sees it doesn’t fit so well and his focus is back on saving Hannah’s life.

With his focus off Hannah’s condition, House narrows in on an unlikely culprit, a vitamin deficiency. The cause turns out to be a nasty tape worm, in one of the more icky House surgery scenes to date.

Bottom line, as good as any House episode so far, the foray’s into romance did seem a little under-cooked but effective none the-less. I suppose it would have been passé to have any real romance on a Valentines episode. Definitely not House’s style.