First Look at Cuddy-Centric 'House' Episode
First Look at Cuddy-Centric 'House' Episode
Glenn Diaz
Glenn Diaz
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It's still a good three days before it airs, but already anticipation is high for the upcoming Cuddy-centric episode on House. For people on either side of the Cuddy divide, i.e., those who love her and those who hate her, it's time to prove the other side wrong. Does Cuddy's (Lisa Edelstein) character add anything to the show? Or does her hospital administrator role NOT fit a show like House?

Entertainment Weekly is currently streaming the first four minutes of "5 to 9" so we get to have an overall feel to the episode even before it airs.

Catch the video here.

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The episode is a rare day-in-the-life look at Princeton Plainsboro's trusted administrator's hectic duties, as (1) mother, (2) lover to Lucas, aka, two-minute man, and (3) PP's Dean of Medicine, hospital administrator, and constant House repartee partner.

There's another detail in this Cuddy-centric episode, a follow-up to Wilson-centric last November, that Entertainment Weekly reported previously: in one scene, Cuddy interrupts an intimate moment between a naked House and another woman. Know what that means? No Huddy. Sorry, Huddy fans.

Source: Entertainment Weekly
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