Closure for Cameron on Her Last 'House' Episode
Closure for Cameron on Her Last 'House' Episode
Glenn Diaz
Glenn Diaz
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Jennifer Morrison finally sounds off to Entertainment Weekly on the circumstances surrounding her abrupt departure from House, where her Cameron had been since its 2004 pilot. With the promise of returning for at least one episode this season, however, she concedes that at the very least her character would achieve closure.

"The audience is going to get the information they were looking for," says Morrison, 30, who appeared with House main man Hugh Laurie in last Sunday's Golden Globes (where the Fox series was up for Best Television Series - Drama and Laurie was up for a Best Actor plum). Morrison, however, didn't reveal the exact length or timing of her return. The only clue she gave? It happens on a "really smart episode."

Also, she reveals that the decision to leave House was not hers, and if anything, she's very thankful for the opportunity the role gave her.

"I love the show, and I love Cameron," she says. "Under no circumstances would I ever decide on my own to leave."

According to her, House executive producers David Shore and Katie Jacobs came to her as they were leading up to episode 8 - her last - and briefed her on the direction the show was going "creatively" - a direction, they said, that necessitated for Cameron being written off the series.

"And they very generously said, 'We wanted to let you know so you knew you were available for other things, should they be offered.' As far as I knew, there was nothing more."

True enough, Morrison's schedule quickly filled up, after being cast in the Broadway revival of The Miracle Worker. Right around the same time, the two House showrunners brought up the idea to "bring some resolution to Cameron's storyline," something that the people behind the play was generous enough to understand.

When all's been said and done, however, Morrison says her stint on House was "the most incredible blessing" she had received. "It's been the most incredible people to work with and the most incredible character. But I have to respect the producers' ideas of where the story is going."

Source: Entertainment Weekly
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