'House of Lies' Season 1 Preview Guide: Consultants, Cons, Comedy
'House of Lies' Season 1 Preview Guide: Consultants, Cons, Comedy
From the title, you wouldn't think House of Lies was a comedy. But it is, especially since it's from the network that brought us Weeds and Californication. Though it might deal with drugs and drinking at some point, this latest Showtime series revolves more around the world of management consulting.

If anyone's not clear on what that is, you can either look it up or watch the show. Since you'd have to wait until next year to do the latter, here's the gist. House of Lies follows the lives of people who basically tell other firms how to do their job. 

And did we mention it stars award-winning actor Don Cheadle?

What to Expect on House of Lies season 1:

Based on Martin Kihn's book "House of Lies: How Management Consultants Steal Your Watch and Then Tell You the Time," the comedy was written by Matthew Carnahan of Dirt fame. It also stars Veronica Mars' Kirsten Bell, Ben Schwartz from Parks & Recreation, and Dawn Olivieri from Heroes and recently The Vampire Diaries

House of Lies season 1 centers on Marty Kaan (Cheadle), a management consultant who will stop at nothing to get to the top of his company. However, he has a lot of obstacles to face as he climbs that corporate ladder.  

First is his druggie ex-wife Monica (Olivieri), who isn't just a little loopy but also his main competition. He also has a young son confused about his sexuality. If Marty's one determined individual, so is Roscoe (Donis Leonard Jr.). He isn't afraid to don a purple skirt and start pirouettes to get what he wants. 

Joining Marty is co-worker Jeannie (Bell), a fierce and feisty woman with a background in psychology and business consulting. He also has Clyde (Schwartz) and Doug (Josh Larson) around for - oh, you know - comic relief.

Below, you can catch three clips from Showtime's House of Lies season 1, the comedy with Don Cheadle dancing.

The next videos explain more about the show and how management consultants play a big part in making day-to-day decisions. Gee, whatever would we do without them?

Don't forget to catch House of Lies season 1 as it premieres on January 12 at 10pm on Showtime.

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