'Hostages' Recap: Will Ellen's Connection to Duncan Be Her Downfall?
'Hostages' Recap: Will Ellen's Connection to Duncan Be Her Downfall?
Megan Cole
Megan Cole
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In last week's episode, Logan murdered Hoffman when he got too close to the truth. Vanessa and Blair poisoned Quentin and made it look like a heart attack. And Ellen learned that Duncan's wife is the President's daughter. In this week's episode, "Burden of Truth," Duncan tells Ellen about the President's dirty deeds and Ellen tries to find another way to save Nina. Read on to find out if Hostages continues to hold our attention.

Ellen Learns More About Nina's Parents

Ellen and Duncan continue their conversation about Nina's connection to the President. Duncan tells Ellen that he is working with the President's enemies in order to get the bone-marrow Nina needs. All these people want in exchange for helping Duncan get access to the President is a guarantee that he will end up dead. Duncan says he agreed to the deal and has kept all of this from his team. Duncan tells Ellen she needs to keep the truth to herself or risk the people in charge killing her family.

When pressed by Ellen, Duncan goes into more detail about Nina's parents, all of which he learned from Burton after Nina got sick. Back when Kincaid was just a congressman, Burton worked for him. Burton told Duncan that Kincaid raped Nina's mother and she threatened to go public. To preserve his image, Kincaid tried to pay Nina's mother off, but she refused to back down and he ordered Burton to take care of it. Instead of killing Nina's mother, Burton told Duncan that he helped her flee the country and that she died in childbirth several months later. Burton adopted the baby and raised Nina as his own, never telling her the truth about her parents.

Now that Ellen knows the truth about the President, as well as why Duncan agreed to kill him, you can see her start to warm up to Duncan. While I understand how Ellen might be sympathetic to Duncan's situation, I am not sure why she would ever trust the man who is holding her family hostage. Though he may be sincere in not wanting anyone else to get hurt, several innocent people have already died thanks to his actions, and he has made it clear that he will always put his own family before Ellen's. Do you think Ellen has really begun to trust Duncan or is she playing him?

Kincaid Needs to Go

Creepy Quentin died from that induced heart attack he suffered in last week's episode and now someone else is filling his position as Chief of Staff. With this new guy in Quentin's place, Blair and Vanessa have lost their access to the President. This means they have no idea when he will go public with OTI and it is out of their hands. Vanessa suggests they take the President out now, before the surgery, instead of leaving everything up to Ellen. Blair agrees and contacts Logan to set up a new plan for the President's assassination.

Surprise Mother, Surprise Sniper

Though Ellen is now convinced that Kincaid cannot be trusted, she wants to check out all possible options for saving Nina before she kills the President. After looking into Nina's medical records, she finds a woman who was a partial bone-marrow match and thinks said woman could give them a lead on an even better match.

Ellen tracks the woman down and quickly realizes that she is Nina's biological mother, the one who supposedly died in childbirth. The woman has been in hiding for years, but confirms the story Burton told Duncan, up to the moment of her "death." Unfortunately, she tells Ellen that she had no other children, so there are no options for a better match.

Duncan is furious when he learns that Burton lied to him, but they have a bigger problem. They learn that Logan has hired a sniper to kill someone and Duncan is convinced he is the target. But when Duncan looks into it, he realizes that the sniper is after the President, not him. Alas, since the President is Nina's only chance at survival, they cannot let him die. They figure out when and where the sniper will go after the President and Duncan starts thinking up ways to save the man he wants Ellen to kill.

Making Friends with Your Captors

When Morgan finds Boyd's phone, there are a bunch of messages from his father. Morgan and Sandrine use Boyd's phone to send his father texts that make it seem like Boyd fled town after learning about Morgan's pregnancy. Boyd's father pays Morgan a visit to apologize for his son's behavior and Morgan is relieved that their ruse worked. Later on, Kramer gives Morgan an engagement ring he found in Boyd's pocket, presumably meant for her.

After Morgan tells Brian everything, he confronts her about working with the woman who is holding her family hostage. Morgan points out that they really had no choice and goes on to say that Boyd's death was an accident. When Brian tries to talk to Ellen about Morgan's connection to Sandrine, he realizes that Ellen may be starting to rely on Duncan, just as Morgan has begun to rely on Sandrine. Brian is confused and also a little mad, since these people are still holding them hostage. While I still loathe Brian, I do think he is right to be concerned.

Will Sandrine Betray Her Team?

As the episode comes to a close, Sandrine gets a text from someone, threatening her son's safety. The person who texted her is Logan, who claims that Sandrine's son is safe and says he only used the boy to lure Sandrine into meeting with him. Logan tells Sandrine that he needs a spy on Duncan's team and he wants Sandrine to be that spy. Sandrine wants to know what Logan is offering in exchange for her help, and the episode ends before we learn if Sandrine agrees to be Logan's inside woman.
What did you think of this week's episode? Were you surprised to learn that the President is a rapist? Will Nina's mother try to contact her now that she knows Nina is sick? Do you think Sandrine will help Logan spy on Duncan's team? If so, what will that mean for her relationship with Kramer? Let us know your thoughts and theories in the comments section.
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