'Hostages' Recap: Will Ellen Leave Brian Behind?
'Hostages' Recap: Will Ellen Leave Brian Behind?
Megan Cole
Megan Cole
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Last week, Ellen learned about Brian's affair, met Duncan's daughter and agreed with Brian's idea to stage an escape attempt. In this week's episode, "2:45 PM", Ellen and Brian try to enact their escape plan and Duncan's wife has some shocking news for him. Read on to find out if Hostages continues to hold our attention.

Ellen Fools Her Captors Yet Again

This episode picks up the next morning, with Brian and Ellen discussing their imminent escape. Brian is still planning to stay behind so his family can get away, but Ellen is still hesitant about the idea. She eventually admits that it is their only choice and agrees to follow Brian's plan. They do not talk about his affair.

Ellen makes muffins so she can "accidentally" burn herself and get access to her med kit. Ellen takes a scalpel from the kit and gives it to her kids when she drops them off at school. She tells the kids about the escape plan, which includes heading to Canada because Duncan's bosses have people everywhere and they cannot trust anyone. (Why she believes they will be safe in Canada is beyond me. I imagine creepy Chief of Staff Quentin could track the family down no matter where they go.) Ellen gives the kids a time and place to meet up and tells them to use the scalpel to cut out their GPS chips.

Brian Steps Up

Brian's escape plan starts to fall apart when he learns that all of his accounts have been frozen. He manages to get the passports the family will need, but has to borrow from petty cash to get some money together. Not trusting that Brian will come through with the cash, Ellen pawns her ring to get money for the escape.

When Archer notices that Ellen is not wearing her wedding ring, he becomes suspicious and tells her to check in every 15 minutes. She tells Brian that they need to call off the escape because she cannot get away from Archer, but Brian says he will take care of it. He tells Ellen to meet up with the kids, as planned.

To distract the hostage-takers, Brian attacks Kramer and knocks him out. He then tricks Archer into following him instead of Ellen, giving her the chance to get away. Perhaps Brian is more useful than I thought.

Samantha Should Watch Her Back

While Brian is dealing with the hostage-takers, Ellen runs into Brian's mistress when picking up the passports and cash. Samantha-the-mistress asks why the family is leaving for Montreal, and Ellen tells her it is none of her business. Samantha keeps questioning her and Ellen confronts her, saying Brian came clean about the affair.

This scene could mean nothing, but I imagine it is foreshadowing that Samantha will either wind up as a hostage along with the family or we will learn that she is working with Duncan's bosses.

Duncan's Life Gets Complicated

Duncan goes to visit his wife, Nina, in the hospital and she tells him that she has decided to stop the chemo. The treatments are not working and her cancer is not in remission, so she wants to spend what little time she has left with her family. Duncan tries to talk her out of it, but Nina refuses to spend her final days in a hospital.

Duncan calls Kramer in a panic over Nina's decision, and Kramer says Duncan needs to talk her into sticking with the chemo or else everything they are doing is for nothing. Duncan goes back to his wife and explains why she must continue the chemo treatments. He says that he has found a doctor who specializes in experimental therapies, but said therapies will only work if Nina is still getting chemo. Nina has a hard time believing that these treatments are real, but Duncan assures her that they are and this is her only chance of survival. He begs her not to give up.

And in job-related news, Duncan gets cleared to go back to work and is put on a new case. Agent Hoffman is heading up an inter-agency task-force to look into Nurse Angela's disappearance and Hoffman wants Duncan on the team. Does Hoffman know Duncan had something to do with Angela's disappearance or did he simply ask for Duncan based on creepy Quentin's recommendation? Could Hoffman be working with Duncan's bosses and using the investigation to keep tabs on Duncan and his crew? And how long will it take Hoffman to identify Archer as the man the witness saw Angela with the night she went missing?

Almost Away

At school, Morgan and Jake take their mother's advice and cut out their GPS trackers. In order to escape Sandrine's watchful eye, Jake calls in a favor from one of the kids he sells pot to. He gets that kid to call in a bomb threat, so all the students gather in front of the school and Jake and Morgan disappear in the crowd. When Morgan asks how Jake pulled it off, he tells her about his drug-dealing ways. At the speed in which everyone's secrets are coming out, the writers will need to come up with some new skeletons for these people to keep hidden.

Morgan and Jake arrive at the bus station, but their parents are not there yet. The bus to Montreal is set to leave at 2:45pm and time is running out, but the kids decide to give their parents a chance to get there.

Ellen finally makes it to the bus station -- passports and cash in hand -- before calling Brian to tell him that she is safe. Duncan returns her call using Brian's phone and tells her that she should not have crossed him. Duncan shoots Brian and tells Ellen that his continued survival depends on her. As Morgan and Jake wait for their parents, Ellen has to choose whether to save her husband or get her kids out of the country while she still can.

What did you think of this week's episode? Do you think Samantha is playing Brian? Will Ellen be able to save Brian or will he succumb to his gun-shot wound? Do you sympathize with Duncan now that we know he is doing this for his dying wife? Let us know your thoughts and theories in the comments section.

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