'Hostages' Recap: Sandrine Comes Through for Her Team But At What Cost?
'Hostages' Recap: Sandrine Comes Through for Her Team But At What Cost?
Megan Cole
Megan Cole
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In last week's episode, Ellen learned that the President is not a good man, but that the only way to save Duncan's wife is with the President's bone-marrow. In this week's episode, "Off the Record," Duncan's team tries to stop the new plot against the President and Sandrine's loyalty is tested. Read on to find out if Hostages continues to hold our attention.

A Long Day Ahead

Duncan tells his people about the new plot against the President and explains that they need to stop the new team from taking him out. He fails to tell them about his wife and merely says that if another team takes the President down, they will not get paid. Duncan and his team plan to lock the Sanders family in their home so they can travel to New York to stop the attempt on the President's life.

Meanwhile, Logan and Blair discuss what to do with Duncan's team and the Sanders family after the President is dead. Duncan's team will be taken out and they will stage a murder-suicide to take care of the family. The only thing I like about this plan is that they intend to paint Brian as the killer.

Can We Vote Brian Off the Island Already?

Duncan's team knows the President will be targeted at a local church and they intend to get rid of the sniper team before the President can be killed. Duncan and Archer narrow down the potential site for the shooting to three buildings with good views of the church, but they need blueprints for each building in order to prepare. Duncan asks Brian for the specs, which he can get access to via his firm, but Brian refuses to cooperate.

Ellen, on the other hand, wants to help Duncan and offers to get the specs herself. Duncan tells her that if anything goes wrong in New York and the President winds up dead, she should get her family out of dodge as quickly as possible. It is hard to tell whether or not these two genuinely care for one another at this point, but the show is certainly taking full advantage of the chemistry between Toni Collette and Dylan McDermott.

Ellen Asks Brian's Mistress for Help

While Ellen seeks out Samantha for help getting the blueprints, Brian spends the day locked in a room with the kids. He takes this time to try to convince the kids that there is a difference between cooperation and collaboration. He says they should not help Duncan's team unless they have no choice and that their battle with Duncan needs to be fought on a psychological level. Brian claims they cannot be defeated if they just stick together, but I think we all know it is not that simple.

After Ellen spins a tale about Brian getting in financial trouble and needing Samantha's help, Samantha comes through with the specs. Ellen thanks her and she lets Ellen know that she is sorry about the affair. She claims that Brian told her his marriage to Ellen was a lie and that was the only reason she got involved with him. Needless to say, Ellen has had just about enough of Brian and his lies.

Sandrine Makes Her Choice

Sandrine has apparently agreed to be Logan's insider on Duncan's team, but the decision is weighing on her. Part of that is due to her growing feelings for Kramer. When they have a moment alone together, Kramer tells Sandrine that he does not want to say goodbye to her after all of this is over and Sandrine feels the same way. She tells him that if anything goes wrong, she is sorry they did not get to spend more time together.

With Ellen's help, Duncan's team narrows down which building the sniper will be working from, but when they arrive, all they find is a spotter. Duncan kills the spotter and realizes that the shot will come from street-level, not from above. Duncan finds papers about fake road-work near the church and sends Sandrine to the sniper's location. After some hesitation, she takes out the sniper before he can kill the President. While this works in Duncan's favor, I imagine it will come back to haunt Sandrine.

During the course of the season, Sandrine has become the most interesting and complex character on the show and her developing romance with Kramer is one of the few highlights in each episode. While a happy ending for any of these people seems unlikely, I have my fingers crossed that if anyone makes it out alive and not in prison, it's these two.

The B-Plots

Vanessa tells Blair that she plans to meet with the Vice President to guarantee Blair's future once the President is dead. Vanessa meets with the VP and he asks for her advice on who to choose as a running mate when he seeks the presidency after Kincaid's term comes to an end. Though Vanessa was meant to talk up Blair, the VP asks if she might be interested in running and I wonder if this was her plan all along. Is Vanessa just using Blair as a means to an end, and if so, will she get rid of him once he out-lives his usefulness?

Nina's mother shows up on Burton's doorstep, determined to come forward with her story and reveal the truth about President Kincaid. But Burton manages to talk her out of it by agreeing to let her see Nina face-to-face. If she had not agreed to back off, Burton was going to kill her, so that will probably come back into play at some point.

Ellen and Duncan Kiss

After the dust settles, Duncan's team returns to the Sanders home and tells Ellen that they were successful. Brian and the kids are released from that room they spent the whole day in and Brian is not pleased to learn that Ellen helped Duncan's team. But Ellen lets him know that she had a little chat with his mistress and he shuts right up about her helping Duncan.

As the episode ends, Ellen tells Duncan that she is finally ready to kill the President and Duncan pulls her in close for a thank you hug that quickly turns into a passionate kiss. Both Ellen and Duncan seem surprised by the kiss, but they do not discuss it. Later that night, Duncan is abducted after leaving the Sanders' home and the episode ends before we learn who has grabbed him or why.
What did you think of this week's episode? Was Samantha telling the truth or did she lie to Ellen in an attempt to drive Ellen and Brian apart? Is Ellen falling for Duncan and vice versa? If so, what does that mean for Duncan's dying wife and Ellen's struggling marriage? Do you think Logan and Blair will kill Sandrine for her betrayal? And how will Duncan get away from his captors? Let us know your thoughts and theories in the comments section.
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