'Hostages' Recap: Ellen's Sister Puts Everyone in Danger
'Hostages' Recap: Ellen's Sister Puts Everyone in Danger
Megan Cole
Megan Cole
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In last week's episode, Ellen saved Brian, but was forced to bury the deceased Nurse Angela, and Duncan betrayed Archer by having him arrested. In tonight's episode, "Sister's Keeper", Ellen has to deal with an unexpected visit from her less-than-sane sister and keep her cool when questioned by the Secret Service. Read on to find out if Hostages continues to hold our attention.

'Hostages' Recap: Ellen Tries to Stop Brian from Bleeding Out

Meet Lauren

Ellen and her family are still recovering from the fallout of their escape attempt when Ellen's sister Lauren arrives for an unannounced visit. To keep Lauren in the dark, Duncan and Ellen pretend that Duncan and his team are Secret Service agents assigned to protect the family until the President's surgery. Ellen gets the kids to go along with the Secret Service lie and they all cover with Aunt Lauren.

Meanwhile, Ellen and Brian realize that Duncan is the key to this whole hostage thing and if they get rid of him, they might be okay. Ellen breaks into a neighbor's house and "borrows" a gun, with every intention of killing Duncan. But because we are only on episode six, Duncan is not dying anytime soon.

Though Lauren is suspicious of everyone's odd behavior, everything is going fine until Lauren finds the gun in Ellen's purse. Duncan walks in at that exact moment and ties Lauren up so he can have a private chat with Ellen. After giving Ellen a lecture about how guns get people killed, Duncan comes up with a plan to get rid of Lauren.

Duncan releases Lauren just as her doctor shows up at the house. Since Lauren recently got out of a psychiatric hospital, it is not hard for the family to convince Lauren's doctor that her paranoia has gotten the better of her and she is imagining things. Lauren begs the family to tell the truth, but they insist that Lauren is delusional and nothing is wrong. Lauren is taken back to the psychiatric hospital and Ellen now has yet another reason to hate Duncan.

Kramer Helps Sandrine

Sandrine is still worried about getting the $50,000 she needs to pay off Victor and threatens to walk away from the job if Duncan cannot give her the money by the end of the day. Though Duncan says he will handle it, Sandrine does not believe he can get the money in time and plans to go on the run. With the team down a man due to Archer's arrest, they need Sandrine more than ever, so Kramer stops her from running. He then suggests a way they can get the money without Duncan's help.

Thanks to an old girlfriend who worked as a card dealer, Kramer knows about an exclusive poker game where plenty of money will be flying around, ripe for the taking. He wants Sandrine to pose as a card dealer and score an invitation to the game. But since that means they will both be out of the house for the day, they take Jake with them as insurance to keep the rest of the family in line.

Once Sandrine gets access to the game, she gets the lay of the land so Kramer can get in and rob the players. Their plan is mostly successful, but they have to knock out a guard on their way out and Kramer gets the guy's blood on his shirt. Jake notices the blood and questions Kramer about it, but Kramer tells Jake not to say a word or he will kill him. Empty threats like this have now become a running theme on this show.

Duncan Fools Hoffman

As if she does not have enough to deal with thanks to Lauren's arrival, Ellen is once again questioned about Nurse Angela's disappearance. This time, Agent Hoffman brings along a partner for the questioning and it just happens to be Duncan. Duncan helps Ellen get through the questioning and Hoffman is none the wiser, at least for the time being.

Duncan then has to cover for Archer when Hoffman's people find footage of the man they believe Nurse Angela was with the night she vanished. Duncan makes up an alibi for Archer, but Hoffman does a little digging and sees through Duncan's lies. Duncan owns up to forging Archer's alibi and claims that he covered for Archer because Archer is his informant. Duncan swears Archer had nothing to do with Nurse Angela's disappearance and Hoffman again appears satisfied by Duncan's explanation. This makes me think that Hoffman is either very bad at his job or somehow involved in the plot against the President.

The Complications Continue

Morgan has finally come clean to her parents about her probable pregnancy and Ellen arranges for Morgan to see a doctor to confirm said pregnancy. Because the pregnancy thing is the only storyline Morgan has going at the moment, she is indeed with child and tells the doctor she does not know what she is going to do. During the examination, the doctor notices the bruises and marks on Morgan's body and calls in a report about the possible abuse that is sure to cause problems in the future.

Before their tag-team robbery, Kramer learns that Sandrine needs the money to pay off legal fees and that she has a son to care for. Is Sandrine really doing all of us for her son or is she hiding something else? Will Sandrine and Kramer continue to grow closer or will their recent team-up be a one-time thing?

In other news, Archer's lawyer shows up at Secret Service HQ claiming that his client has information on Nurse Angela's disappearance. The shady Secret Service guy working with Duncan handles the situation, but it is only a stop-gap measure. Will Archer sell out Duncan and the team to get out of jail? Or will Duncan have to spring him from prison before he can spill all their secrets?

What did you think of tonight's episode? Did you like seeing Kramer and Sandrine work together? Do you think Lauren will be able to convince her doctors that something is really going on with her sister's family? Will Jake keep Kramer's secret? And will Brian and Ellen make another attempt to take Duncan out next week? Let us know your thoughts and theories in the comments section.

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