'Hostages' Recap: Ellen Learns Why Duncan Wants the President Dead
'Hostages' Recap: Ellen Learns Why Duncan Wants the President Dead
Megan Cole
Megan Cole
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In last week's episode, Jake gave Kramer an alibi for the limo driver's murder and Sandrine killed Boyd-the-boyfriend when he tried to take Morgan away. Also, Ellen went to visit Duncan's wife and threatened to kill her if Duncan did not do as she asked. In this week's episode, "Loose Ends," Duncan is told to murder someone who gets too close to the truth and Ellen makes a shocking discovery about Duncan's wife. Read on to find out if Hostages continues to hold our attention.

Crisis Avoided

This week's episode picks up with Ellen holding Duncan's wife hostage. He tries to get her to leave his wife alone, claiming she is innocent. Before Ellen can get anything out of Duncan, another doctor comes in and Duncan covers for Ellen. As they leave the hospital, Duncan tells Ellen about Boyd-the-dead-boyfriend and she goes home to comfort Morgan. Duncan's wife is safe and Ellen gains next to nothing from her actions.

Duncan Saves Hoffman

Brian is still with Hoffman when the episode opens, and he continues to deny that anyone is threatening Ellen or their family. Hoffman lets Brian go and seemingly gives up on the Ellen angle to focus on the hospital instead. Hoffman starts to believe that someone inside the White House made sure the President would go to Ellen's hospital for his surgery. Logan, the dirty Secret Service agent, tells Duncan that Hoffman needs to be taken care of.

Duncan is not thrilled with the idea of killing Hoffman, so he and Kramer come up with an alternative plan. Sandrine steals Mrs. Hoffman's phone and calls Hoffman, claiming that his wife has been in a car accident. The call comes in just as Hoffman is about to be assassinated, so Logan is not pleased when Hoffman gets away.

Quentin and Hoffman are Brought Down

Creepy Chief of Staff Quentin calls Blair to let him know that the Hoffman problem will be dealt with. But when the assassination attempt fails, Quentin panics and calls Hoffman. Quentin tells him about the plot against the President and wants to make a deal for full immunity. Hoffman is going to meet with the Attorney General about said deal, but makes the mistake of telling Logan his plan. Logan escorts Hoffman to the AG's office, but fakes a flat tire on the way there. Logan then murders Hoffman to keep him quiet.

Somehow, the people in the know figure out that creepy Quentin tried to make a deal with Hoffman. At a reception later that night, Blair and Vanessa set Quentin up. They drug him and he collapses from an apparent heart attack.

With Quentin and Hoffman out of the way, who will be their replacements? Will the people plotting against the President make sure to place insiders in those positions or will they have two new troublemakers to deal with?

Duncan's People Do Not Trust Each Other

Kramer and Sandrine get closer after the incident with Boyd-the-dead-boyfriend. Kramer is upset that Sandrine could have been hurt and this concern leads to sexy times. Later, Kramer asks Sandrine if she has something going on with Archer, and Sandrine says that it is in the past.

Meanwhile, Archer thanks Jake for giving Kramer an alibi, but wants to know Jake's side of the story. Jake must tell him about the dead limo driver because he confronts Kramer and Sandrine about it later on. Archer does not press the issue, but tells Sandrine that he does not trust either of them not to make a deal if they are faced with a murder charge.

The Truth About Duncan's Wife

Duncan tells Ellen that the location of the President's surgery has been moved and it will now take place on the fourth floor. After 11:30 that morning, the floor will be on full lock-down. Duncan wants Ellen to smuggle in the poison before the lock-down and someone on the inside will make sure it is not discovered. Before leaving the poison where Duncan told her to, Ellen takes a sample of it to have analyzed.

Ellen spends most of her day with a lab tech, getting him to run several different tests. First, she tests the "poison" Duncan gave her, only to learn that it is a bone marrow preservative and would need to be used in large amounts to do any real damage. Then she gets a sample of the President's blood and learns that he shares a very rare blood type with Duncan's wife. She also learns that the President's bone marrow is a perfect match for Nina's and figures out that Nina is the President's daughter.

Ellen confronts Duncan with her findings and asks why they do not just ask the President for the bone marrow needed to save Nina. Duncan claims that the President does not know that Nina is alive, and if he did, he would kill her.

Can Duncan be believed? Why would the President want his own daughter dead? Does she know something about what happened to Vanessa's brother? And did Duncan know Ellen would run tests on the bone marrow? Did he want her to find out that Nina is the President's daughter?

What did you think of this week's episode? Is Quentin dead or will he survive and ruin the plot against the President? Will Archer cause problems for Kramer and Sandrine or will something happen to unit them as a team? And will Morgan and Jake ever get interesting storylines? Let us know your thoughts and theories in the comments section.
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