'Hostages' Recap: Ellen Discovers More About Her Connection to Duncan
'Hostages' Recap: Ellen Discovers More About Her Connection to Duncan
Megan Cole
Megan Cole
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In last week's episode, Duncan foiled Ellen's plan to murder him and Kramer possibly killed a guy to help Sandrine get the money she needed. In this week's episode, "Hail Mary," Ellen goes to a former ally for help in taking Duncan down and Kramer learns the fate of the man he attacked. Read on to find out if Hostages continues to hold our attention.

Ellen Needs New Friends

Ellen and Brian are still plotting to take Duncan down and she knows someone who may be able to help them. After checking up on the President's condition, Ellen goes to see the man she believes can help her take care of Duncan for good. Alas, that man is Duncan's father-in-law, Burton, so he will probably not provide the solution she is looking for.

Ellen tells Burton about the hostage situation and asks for his help in killing Duncan. Burton pretends to go along with Ellen's plan, but Duncan's daughter comes down the stairs and blows his cover. She also blows Ellen's cover by telling Burton that she met Ellen at her school art fair. After sending his granddaughter back upstairs, Burton tells Ellen they have a lot to talk about.

Via flashbacks, we learn that Burton was Ellen's lawyer and helped her get away with killing that rapist back when she was a resident. Burton explains that Ellen's actions back then stayed with him and that is why he suggested her as the surgeon they needed to kill the President. Burton goes on to say that if Ellen kills Duncan, the people in charge will wash their hands of the whole mess and kill everyone involved, including Ellen and her family.

Brian Screws Up Yet Again

While Ellen is learning just how she wound up in this whole mess, Brian spends the day looking for an opportunity to kill Duncan on his own. He plans to dose Duncan with the poison Ellen is supposed to use to kill the President and questions Duncan about how the poison works. Because Duncan is meant to be incredibly smart, I find it suspicious that he does not realize what Brian is up to.

After speaking with Burton, Ellen knows that they cannot kill Duncan, and she tries to get through to Brian to tell him to stop the whole attempted murder thing. But because Brian is the world's biggest screw-up, he stabs Duncan with the needle of death poison.

As Duncan is one the stairs, his survival is all but guaranteed, but how will he live? Did Duncan figure out Brian's plan and switch the vials? Or will Ellen save Duncan from the poison?

Duncan Did Not Betray Archer

Before Brian's attempt at murdering him, Duncan learns that the lawyer from last week's episode is still making trouble and has a meeting with the ADA later that day. The truth about Nurse Angela's death is about to come out and their whole plan is going up in smoke. But as it turns out, it is not Archer who is ready to reveal the truth, but the man who helped him dispose of Nurse Angela's body. Duncan had Archer put in jail to get close to this guy so Archer could convince him not to talk. Sandrine is also in on the plan and visits Archer in prison to tell him that he only has a few hours before his accomplice gives them all up.

Archer gets close to his accomplice in the prison yard later that day, but is prevented from taking him out. Not one to give up, Archer makes a deal with a fellow prisoner to stage a riot so Archer can kill his accomplice during the chaos. Archer's plan works and Duncan's team is safe, for now. Archer tells Duncan he is ready to come home and Duncan claims he will take care of it. With the Archer reveal, we learn that Duncan's team is still a-okay and there was no betrayal going on. But will Duncan be able to get Archer out of prison as easily as he got him in?

Kramer Lands in Hot Water

Kramer is still torn up about that limo driver -- not guard, as I previously thought -- he had to knock out in last week's episode. He calls the police to check up on the guy and learns that he died. Devastated, Kramer pays a visit to his father to ask him what he should do about his recent murder. Burton tells Kramer to keep his mouth shut and everything will work out just fine. He also tells him to be strong for his sister, the person they are doing all of this to save.

But Burton's words are not comfort enough and Kramer winds up at a bar later that night. Just as he is about to break two years of sobriety, Sandrine shows up and distracts him with some sexy kissing. Before they have a chance to hit the sheets, Kramer is stopped by a detective looking into the limo driver's death. Sandrine watches as Kramer gets hauled in by the police.

More Unnecessary Storylines

Ellen's pre-op check-up with the POTUS goes just fine and gives us the chance to meet the First Lady's sister. The President's sister-in-law is all up-in-arms about the President not attending a celebration honoring her deceased brother because their politics were in conflict while said brother was still alive. When the First Lady is out of ear-shot, the President and his sister-in-law talk about the big mistake they made that one time and she hints that her brother would probably be President in his place were it not for the whole death thing.

Did the President kill his brother-in-law to elliminate the competition? Will the President's "mistake" with his sister-in-law come back to haunt him? Since we now know that the President's marriage was all about saving his political career, is the First Lady more likely to be behind the plan to kill her husband? Or could the sister-in-law be plotting his death as revenge for what he may have done to her brother? So far, the only interesting thing about this storyline is seeing the lovely Joanne Kelly of Warehouse 13 fame as the First Lady's sister.

Will This Plot Never End?

Much to my annoyance, Morgan's boyfriend drama refuses to die and is brought up again in this week's episode. Morgan is questioned by a woman from Social Services following up on her doctor's complaint about the possible abuse. Morgan gets through the questioning with flying colors, but when Jake is questioned, he has a hard time coming up with convincing lies. (Yet he somehow managed to keep everyone in the dark about his drug-dealing ways. Maybe he can only lie to his loved ones?)

To protect his parents and their hostage-takers, Jake points the finger at Boyd-the-boyfriend as the cause of both his and Morgan's bruises. Since Boyd-the-boyfriend is actually innocent, this will probably drag on for another handful of episodes. Is it wrong to hope that Duncan just kills Boyd-the-boyfriend so we can skip over this boring sub-plot?

What did you think of this week's episode? Did you see the Archer reveal coming? What do you think Ellen will do now that she knows her former lawyer is the one who put her in this position? Will Burton be able to get Kramer out of the mess he has landed in or will he wind up in prison with Archer? Let us know your thoughts and theories in the comments section.
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