'Hostages' Recap: Duncan Protects Ellen's Family
'Hostages' Recap: Duncan Protects Ellen's Family
Megan Cole
Megan Cole
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In last week's episode, Ellen changed her mind about killing the President and Brian told Nina that Duncan has been holding his family hostage in order to save her. In this week's episode, "Fight or Flight," Nina confronts the men in her life and Ellen makes a deal with Duncan to save her children. Read on to find out if Hostages continues to hold our attention.

Nina Takes Action

We pick up with Nina asking Duncan if Brian was telling the truth. After trying to calm her down, Duncan admits to everything and Nina is horrified. Duncan claims he is doing it all to save her, but she asks if he really believes she would be okay living with the knowledge that he killed someone to save her.

Still in shock, Nina leaves the hospital to confront Burton, who confirms everything Brian said. She is furious with both of them and tries to call the police before Duncan locks her up in Burton's home. The next day, Nina is still not cooperating with the whole assassination plan, so Burton asks Kramer to talk to his sister. Kramer tries to convince her that they have no choice but to kill the President. He explains that she and her daughter are evidence that the President raped Nina's mother all those years ago and Kramer says the President will eliminate them to cover up the crime.

But even Kramer's words of warning are not enough to stop Nina from trying to get away from her husband and his crazy plans. Nina takes their daughter and goes on the run, but does not call the police before doing so.

Duncan and Co. are on to Sandrine

Sandrine meets with Logan and gets him to agree to pay her before she kills the rest of her team. But her team is on to her, and they plan to take her down as soon as they can figure out how she plans to kill them. Kramer still believes in Sandrine, and even once he gets proof that she is working against them, he tells her it is not too late to stop whatever she is doing.

Sandrine figures out that Kramer is on to her and removes the charges from the cars before Duncan and Archer can sweep for explosives. But Sandrine makes a mistake in concealing the charges and Archer finds them. Now that they know how she plans to kill them, will Duncan's team turn the tables on her? And does Sandrine really intend to kill her team or is she simply playing along until Logan pays her?

Duncan Works with Ellen and Brian

Ellen and Brian team up to tell Duncan that Ellen will not be killing the President during surgery. Duncan is not happy with her decision, but Ellen knows he will not kill her children. She has a counter-offer for him: she will find a way to get the President's bone-marrow without killing him if he agrees to protect her children from the rest of his team. Duncan agrees to her deal, but Brian and Ellen want more than just his word.

To keep up his end of the bargain, Duncan makes a big show of threatening the kids in front of his team, going so far as pretending to kill Jake. Duncan's performance is enough to convince Sandrine and Archer of Jake's death, giving Kramer the opportunity to send Jake into hiding until everything is over. Later, Brian and Morgan meet with a man who has been paid to help the family disappear after the President's surgery.

48 Hours

With just two days to go before the President's surgery, Duncan and Ellen still have some pieces to put into play. Now that Ellen has decided against the whole murder deal, they need a new way to smuggle the President's bone-marrow out of the operating room. Ellen pays a visit to the First Lady and makes up something about the President needing a blood test to rule out a cognitive disorder. She suggests they keep the whole thing under wraps by having the First Lady take the "blood sample" out of the OR under the radar. Meanwhile, Duncan hires a few random dudes to provide a diversion during the surgery.

Blair Finds Nina

Blair meets with the Vice President and learns that he plans to make Vanessa, not Blair, his running mate. Blair is obviously upset by Vanessa's betrayal, but I do not know what he expects from someone who is behind the plot to assassinate her own brother-in-law. Blair also gets wind of Nina's disappearance from the hospital, and as the episode concludes, he manages to track her down at the airport when she tries to escape with her daughter.
What did you think of this week's episode? Did you really think Duncan shot Jake or did you know it was all a setup? Do you think Sandrine has betrayed her team or is she still weighing her options? Will Archer kill Sandrine for her supposed betrayal or will she get away? Are you glad Nina finally learned the truth about what her family has been up to and what did you think of her reaction? Will Blair use Nina against Duncan or will he shock everyone by taking Nina straight to the President? And will Ellen really be able to save the President, Nina and her family all in one go? Let us know your thoughts and theories in the comments section.
Hostages will return for its two-hour season finale on Monday, January 6 at 9pm on CBS.

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