'Hostages' Recap: Duncan Dodges a Bullet
'Hostages' Recap: Duncan Dodges a Bullet
Megan Cole
Megan Cole
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During last week's episode, Ellen had to pay the price for her trick with the blood thinner by watching a friend take the fall and lose her life in the process. In this week's episode, "Power of Persuasion," she tries to find out more about Duncan, and Duncan tries to salvage the operation after the President makes a big decision. Read on to find out if Hostages continues to hold our attention.

Duncan and Ellen

As the episode begins, Ellen overhears Duncan's phone call with his daughter and asks Brian to figure out who Duncan's daughter is. Brian locates Sawyer through her school's art fair and Ellen sneaks out of the hospital to pay her a visit. During their chat, Sawyer reveals that her father is an FBI agent and her mother is sick, giving Ellen some potential leverage to use against her captor.

While Ellen makes friends with his daughter, Duncan's day starts with an attempt on his life, something that does not improve his mood. Duncan realizes that the people in charge want him dead because President Kincaid is about to switch surgeons, and he and Ellen are now liabilities.

Duncan goes to creepy Chief of Staff Quentin and threatens him into helping Kincaid make the decision to remain with Ellen. Quentin does his best, but the First Lady apparently has more sway than he does and gets Kincaid to change his mind once again.

This puts it down to Ellen to talk Kincaid into keeping her on as his surgeon. Ellen sweet-talks the First Lady and the POTUS into sticking with her, not realizing that doing so has kept her alive.

Drama Handled

While their parents are trying to get a one-up on the hostage-takers, Jake and Morgan have their own problems to deal with. Morgan tells her boyfriend about her pregnancy and he decides to ask her father for permission to marry her. But when Duncan poses as Morgan's father, he tells her boyfriend to back off and makes it clear that if he does not leave Morgan alone, something bad will happen to him. And this is where I point out that Dylan McDermott's Duncan is not as threatening as the show wants him to be.

Meanwhile, Jake is beaten up for not having Nico's money when Nico comes a-calling. Kramer and Sandrine watch from afar while Jake is attacked, and Sandrine prevents Kramer from helping. Sandrine notices that Kramer is starting to relate to Jake and tells him that this is not a job for nice guys. Though Kramer does not intervene then, he does track Nico down later and returns the beating he gave Jake. Kramer tells Nico to stay away from Jake, and unbeknownst to Kramer, Sandrine sees the whole thing.

Duncan's Team is Already Falling Apart

Sandrine keeps pushing Archer to talk to Duncan about their payment for this job, but Archer's mind is elsewhere, presumably on the woman he supposedly killed. Archer tells Duncan that everything went fine with Nurse Angela, but he is obviously lying, and we are once again left to wonder if Angela is still alive. If she is, what does that mean for Ellen, who only got away with the blood-thinner ruse by shifting the blame onto Angela? And how will Duncan react if he realizes that Archer -- a man whose life he saved back in the day -- has not finished the job?

Before witnessing Kramer's attack on Nico, Sandrine talks to Duncan herself and mentions her concern over Kramer's ability to get the job done. Duncan does not reveal Kramer's familial connection to him, but reassures Sandrine that Kramer will be fine. So Duncan is either delusional about his brother's abilities or Kramer's nice guy act is hiding a much darker side.

A Moment of Truth

As the episode ends, Brian asks Ellen if she can use her sneaky-sneaky ways to get out of the hospital again because he thinks they should try to escape. Brian proves to be smarter than he seems by pointing out that the hostage-takers will likely kill them all even if Ellen cooperates and kills the POTUS. Brian suggests he stay behind as a decoy while his family escapes, but Ellen shuts down his idea. Brian chooses this moment to come clean about his affair and tells Ellen that he has to be the decoy to make up for his many mistakes.

What did you think of this week's episode? Do you think Nico is gone for good or will he come after Jake again? Did Kramer see Ellen at Sawyer's school, and if so, why would he keep that from the others? Will Ellen let Brian stay behind or try to save him as well? Are you starting to care about these characters yet? Let us know your thoughts and theories in the comments section.

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