'Hostages' Episode 2 Teasers: Is the Show Still Worth Watching?
'Hostages' Episode 2 Teasers: Is the Show Still Worth Watching?
Esther Gim
Esther Gim
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Hostages follows up its series premiere with "Invisible Leash," which deals with the aftermath of the president's surgery being cancelled.

Someone Gets Hurt

And as you can imagine, it's not pretty because somebody has to pay. If you couldn't tell from the pilot, this show wastes no time moving storylines along, and in the opening scene, Ellen has to deal with the fallout right away. Nothing ever happens to Ellen because she's the star surgeon so instead it's the family who has to deal with the consequences. Because then, maybe Ellen will think twice about pulling another stunt like that. Ellen is never hurt physically, that goes to the family, she's just hurt emotionally and mentally.

It's a wee bit predictable, but suspense-wise, it works for me because of what comes after it.

No, the title of the episode doesn't have anything to do with the Sanders' dog. But it's brutal, it's disgusting and if you were at all doubting the seriousness of the people who want the president assassinated, you won't be after this.

Beyond Angry

In episode two we get a better idea of the people who are in charge. Carlisle is the guy out in the field, but it's way bigger than that. He's getting orders from those above him. And they're not at all happy that the job wasn't done. If you can imagine Carlisle's anger/frustration/disappointment, multiply that by 10 times, and that's how his bosses are.

Struggling to Keep the Secret

The Sanders family has to keep up with their lives as to not get any unwanted attention on them. The episode delves into one of Ellen's family members, and the struggle to keep this secret from getting blown. At work, things are also crazy because Ellen and the hospital are being investigated into what went wrong before the surgery. The whole world is watching, and they're expecting a conclusion.

The episode ends with a shocking turn of events (am I sensing a pattern here?) that you might see coming but you might not. Just remember: Carlisle and his crew do not waste any time taking care of a problem.

Check out a short preview clip into the episode, although it doesn't reveal much.

So is Hostages still worth watching? Yes, but we'll have to see if the show can keep it up. Just how many more tricks will the show have up its sleeve? It's still early to give up on the show. Dylan McDermott as Carlisle gives us enough "don't mess with me" and just a tiny bit of his human side, although not much. Toni Collette, as Sanders, keeps up with being the distraught wife/surgeon who's trying to fix things. But she has to realize that there doesn't seem to be a way out of this.

Hostages airs Monday at 10pm on CBS.

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