Spoiler Alert: 'Homeland' Spoilers
Spoiler Alert: 'Homeland' Spoilers
Claire Danes hasn't really starred on a TV series since My So-Called Life, so we're more than welcome to see her back on the small screen with Homeland. She has an entirely different role now though, playing Carrie Mathison, a CIA operative with a mission.

But since we already have a brief background on the show, let's make room for these Homeland spoilers. 

Since the series premiered just recently, we've met Carrie's target Nicholas Brody. She's been keeping an eye on the man she thinks has turned against his country. She's been digging out clues on his identity and habits, even catching him performing an Islamic prayer. Is it all just an act or has he really changed?

Actually, the question should be whether or not Carrie's making it all up. Is it possible she's just trying to convince herself of something that might not even be true? That's what the show's trying to zero in on, isn't it?

We'll find out more as the story continues. And it will, seeing as how it might just get picked up for another season. TVLine reports that because of the ratings, Showtime's already considering a sophomore installment of the series. 

But coming up on Homeland: "Semper I". On that episode, Brody's behavior might just cost him his national hero status. Meanwhile, Carrie's been digging up evidence to link him to Abu Nazir, whose money trail she's being tasked to focus on. 

Watch the teaser below:

After that comes "Blind Spot", in which Carrie finds out that Brody has paid a visit to the only survivor of the hostage-takers. While she believes this will help her get to the bottom of things, it only pulls her deeper into danger.

As the first season of the show goes on, more Homeland spoilers will rise to the surface. But for now, to add more mystery to the mystery, we have these words on Brody from executive producer Alex Gansa's talk with TV Guide

"Everything he does, everything he says through the first sweep of episodes can be open to interpretation. When Brody prays, does that mean he's a terrorist? Or does that mean he just embraced Islam because there was nothing else to cling on to in his captivity? That is kind of the fun of the show."

Check back with us for more Homeland spoilers, and don't forget to catch the series as it airs Sundays on Showtime.

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