'Homeland' Video Preview 'Two Hats': Will Brody Help Nazir?
'Homeland' Video Preview 'Two Hats': Will Brody Help Nazir?
Carla Day
Carla Day
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Homeland continues to surprise week after week. Brody cracked, hooked up with Carrie, and then was forced onto a helicopter with Nazir waiting for him. Wow. At least from the picture above, it looks like this week in "Two Hats," he will get back into the world. Will Nazir re-indoctrinate him? Or, will he keep to his deal with the CIA? 

Showtime has released a trailer for "Two Hats," as well as, two clips. Based on the trailer, the tension doesn't look to subside at all over the next hour of Homeland. The clips both show the aftermath of Brody being apprehended by Roya and her terrorist friends.

"Two Hats" trailer

Highlights and clues about what's coming up this week:

  • "How can I be sure of your commitment to our mission?" -- Nazir
    "I don't know anything about a mission" -- Brody
  • Brody has been missing for 12 hours
  • Carrie wants to let the situation play out.
  • Nazir reassures Brody that his family will be safe, he says, "if you stay true to yourself"
  • Mike goes to Jessica to warn her and the kids that there is a threat. 
  • Dana blames her dad.
  • Saul questions Estes about who is running the operation. 
  • Brody prays with Nazir, but must get out at some point. He is seen on a pay phone and outside.
  • Who has the silenced gun?
  • There's a man at a diner with a gun. Is the sniper outside? Is that where we see Carrie heading? 
  • What are those blue devices?
  • "Each of us must decide what we can or cannot do." -- Brody
Estes, Saul, Quinn and Carrie discuss what to do next since Brody has been gone for 12 hours and Roya has been back for 8 hours. With no terrorist chatter, Carrie suggests that Brody is dead,"If not physically dead, then operationally dead." Should they move on and pick up Roya? 

"Operationally Dead"

With Brody's whereabouts unknown, the CIA worries for the safety of Jessica and the kids. They recruit Mike to go get them and move them for protection. Dana throws a fit and blames her father.

"A Threat"

Homeland "Two Hats" airs Sunday, November 25 at 10 pm ET on Showtime.

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(Image and videos courtesy of Showtime.)