'Homeland' Video Preview: 'State of Independence'
'Homeland' Video Preview: 'State of Independence'
Carla Day
Carla Day
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Homeland returns tonight with a jam-packed episode. In "State of Independence,' Carrie adjusts to her life back home after her adventure in Beirut. Brody has his first big event with the Vice President, and Saul makes the trip back the United States with his startling evidence. Each of them struggles as they try to accomplish the task at hand.

Showtime has released three videos for "State of Independence." The first video is a snazzy trailer with tons of clues about what's going on. The last two videos are extended clips from the episode.

"State of Independence" Trailer

Here are a few of the highlights from the trailer:

  • Carrie is writing up her report from the Beirut mission. (Extended Clip: Wired)
  • The reporter threatens Brody that someone knows about him. (Extended Clip: The Tailor)
  • Carrie shows up at the CIA and Estes makes it clear she is not welcome.
  • Jessica thinks Brody is hiding something from him.
  • Carrie needs to figure out what she is going to do now. The trip to Beirut reinvigorated her desire for her old job.
  • Jessica is confused about what Brody is doing. He is late to the Vice President's event.
  • Brody chases someone down and tackles them in the woods.
  • Then, Brody is seen cleaning blood off himself at a car wash. 
  • Jessica is in Mike's car and she leans over to give him a kiss.
  • "Great American story that's just beginning."
Homeland - "Wired"

Carrie is pumped up over writing the report from Beirut. Her father is concerned about her. He makes a very valid point, "Wired is what you are. There's a difference." She agrees. Will the Beirut trip cause Carrie to have another relapse? Or, will she realize that she needs to do this for a living and try to find a way back in?

Homeland - "The Tailor"

Roya contacts Brody to let him know the CIA is close to finding out about the Tailor. He's the one who gave Brody the suicide vest last season. Brody has a speech to give at and event with the Vice President. She encourages Brody to go and take care of the Tailor first, because he knows all about the Congressman.

Homeland airs Sunday at 10 pm ET on Showtime.

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