'Homeland' Video Preview 'Broken Hearts': Carrie Goes Missing
'Homeland' Video Preview 'Broken Hearts': Carrie Goes Missing
Carla Day
Carla Day
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What a shocking closing scene in last week's Homeland. It looks like Estes and the CIA never intended to honor their deal with Brody, instead they were going to kill him as soon as he was not longer of use to them. Can you imagine Carrie's reaction to that? It wouldn't have been pretty. Not at all. This week on "Broken Hearts" the team deals with the aftermath of the prevented terrorist attack.

If you don't want to know what's coming up on "Broken Hearts," then stop reading now. The videos contain spoilers about this week's Homeland. Nothing major is revealed, but you could be spoiled.

"Broken Hearts" trailer

Highlights from the trailer:

  • "Did you think it would be easy? That you could betray me and just walk away?" -- Abu Nazir (Is he talking to Brody?)
  • Saul looks into why Quinn, "an Off-Book Black Ops guy," was put on the team. He talks to Dar Adul, Quinn's handler.
  • Adul suggests that Estes doesn't trust Saul.
  • Carrie's been in a car accident and is missing.
  • Mike and Jessica kiss passionately!
  • The Vice President shakes hands with a mystery man. Who is he?
  • Brody is acting suspiciously in an office. Is he taking something? Or, planting something?
  • "Generation after generation must suffer and die. We are at war, I'm a soldier" -- Abu Nazir
  • "You still don't get it, do you?" -- Brody
  • Is Brody strangling someone as they push on his face? It looks like a married woman.
  • Saul and the team figure something out and he goes running out of the room.
  • Brody gets out of a government vehicle and checks his tie? Is he going through with the presidential run? Or, is he announcing his resignation?
  • Carrie has a bloodied face and is on the side of a road.
Wow. It looks like the fight against Nazir is far from over. Is Brody working on behalf of the CIA still? Or, is he doing the bidding of Nazir? He could just be out to protect himself and his family as well.

Here's an extended look at the scene between Saul and Dar Adul. Adul confirms that Quinn is one of his guys and that Estes specifically asked for a "soldier." Saul is concerned because soldiers kill people. Adul suggests that Estes doesn't trust Saul.

Watch the full scene: "Hands Dirty"

The last sneak peek is a conversation between Carrie and Brody on the phone. She lets him know that the government is ready to honor their deal. First, Brody has to do a few things including: resign from Congress and turn down Walden's VP offer. Carrie asks about his family and Brody isn't sure what's going on with them.

Here's the scene: "Honor Our Agreement"

Brody may have helped the CIA prevent Nazir's terrorist attack, but the country isn't out of harm's way. And, now Brody and his family may be added to Nazir's target list. With only three episodes left in Homeland's season 2, it looks like the action will only become more intense.

Homeland "Broken Hearts" airs Sunday, December 2 at 10 pm ET on Showtime.

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(Image and videos courtesy of Showtime.)