'Homeland' Season 2 Finale Preview: Will Brody Be Killed?
'Homeland' Season 2 Finale Preview: Will Brody Be Killed?
Carla Day
Carla Day
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Homeland season 2 has been full of surprises and unexpectedly quick reveals. Tonight's season finale is sure to continue that pace. The big question: Will Brody by killed? Peter Quinn almost killed him once and now has received orders to do it again. Will he hesitate now that he's seen Carrie and Brody together? Or, will it make him even more determined?

Showtime has released a trailer and two extended scenes to tease the finale. They just heighten the tension and suspense for tonight's finale.

Spoiler alert: This preview contains some Homeland spoilers for tonight's season finale. You've been warned. Watch at your own risk.

Highlights from the trailer:
  • Carrie and Brody get together and look so happy.
  • Brody meets the Mrs. Walden and walks her into the CIA headquarters for a meeting? Memorial? 
  • Carrie and Brody look at each other from across the room....
  • "Something terrible is going down. An assassination." -- Saul
  • What happened? Why so many emergency vehicles? A burned flag? An attack?
  • Dana and Brody have it out ... again.
  • Why is Brody having passport pictures taken? Official? Or, is he planning on running?
  • Brody is having a nervous break down.
  • Why is Brody's face all beat up?
  • Jessica and Dana see something (on TV?) or are told something that devastates them.
  • "Maybe this will all end in tears." -- Brody
  • Someone is buried at sea. Abu Nazir?
  • "Is it done?" -- Estes
  • "I'm a guy who kills bad guys." -- Quinn
  • "Carrie, I'm looking for you. Please call me back." -- Saul
  • "Oh, my God." -- Carrie looking horrified.
Here are two interactions throughout the trailer:

  • "I can't believe we have a second chance." -- Brody
    "A clean slate." -- Carrie
    "I never thought that was possible" -- Brody
    "We have no secrets now. We might make it." -- Carrie
  •  Quinn is spying on them with order to kill Brody.
  • "You cannot be with him" -- Saul
    "Brody has kept every promise he's made to us." -- Carrie (Though ... he did kill the VP.)
    "He's a man who put on a suicide vest, Carrie. That's who he is, that's who he always will be." -- Saul
    "I thought you said your eyes were open." -- Saul
    "Maybe I don't want to be alone like you." -- Carrie
    "You are the smartest and the dumbest person I've ever known." -- Saul
Showtime has released a longer clip of the conversation between Saul and Carrie. She must choose between Brody and her career. She can't have both.

"Balanced Life"

Will Carrie choose her career? Or, having a "terrorist in her bed?" 

We'll have to wait until tonight to find out her decision and whether Brody will still be alive for her to choose. 

Homeland "The Choice" airs tonight Sunday, December 16 at 10 pm ET on Showtime.

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