'Homeland' Recap: Carrie's Sanity is Called into Question
'Homeland' Recap: Carrie's Sanity is Called into Question
Alan Danzis
Alan Danzis
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If there was any doubt that the friendship between Carrie and Saul after last week's season 3 premiere was over, this episode makes sure you know it is. (Even if it is another snoozer, especially compared to last season's exciting, thrilling second episode.)

After having Carrie committed -- whether or not it's warranted is up to the viewer -- she makes sure Saul knows how much she hates him. "F*** you," she tells him to close out the hour.

Carrie Gets Committed

After last week's episode ended with Saul telling a Senate hearing about Carrie -- even if he didn't name her -- she heads over to his house demanding to see him. He's not in, however, and she decides to head to a reporter to give "her side of the story."

Dar Adal informs Saul about what Carrie's doing and he tells Saul that he'll stop her. While Carrie, sounding like an absolute lunatic even if what she's saying is correct, is with the reporter, DC Metro comes in to take her away, thanks to a "psychiatric detention order."

Quinn comes to see Carrie in the hospital later and tries to reason with her. He even warns her, but she misinterprets it as a physical threat from Saul and sends him away.

He later shows up to her hearing as a character witness, but never gets to testify. Maggie and Frank try to talk Carrie into getting back on her medicine just before the hearing starts and she starts to get visibly angry. By the time the judge arrives, she flips out, tries to escape and winds up getting restrained. 

At the end of the episode, she's drugged out of her mind when Saul arrives to tell her, "I am so sorry." It's then that she struggles to even speak, but one can just barely hear her say the words, "F*** you, Saul."

The New CIA Analyst

It's quite a sight when one of the episode's earliest scenes involves a woman with a head scarf not only entering the CIA headquarters, but showing a badge to prove she works there. 

Fara is a transactions expert brought in to help find evidence of the people who financed the attack on the CIA.

Saul loses it when she at first comes back with nothing notable. They brought in Farah since they had few options with so many financial analysts killed in the explosion. That weighs heavily on Saul as he rips into her for wearing the head scarf, saying, "That's a big f*** you to the people who would have been your co-workers."

I'll leave politics out of this recap, but without having read anyone else's comments so far, I'll be curious to see how many people are bothered by Saul in this scene.

Regardless, he tells her that if she insists on wearing it, she better find something. Later on, she proves that she did find something when in a questioning session with a group of bankers and lawyers, Fara takes command and shows off the evidence that proves they're lying about having dealings with Iranian terrorists and helping route the money that financed the attack on the CIA. Unfortunately, they refuse to give anything up.

Quinn takes things into his own hands, however, when he later confronts one of the bankers and threatens him. Later, Fara tells Saul they're starting to put more of the evidence together and it looks like people within the Iranian government were involved in the plot.

Is Homeland heading toward a season-long plotline that sees America going to war with Iran? Will we experience a 24-like twist that this is all fabrication?

The Boring Brody Storyline Continues

The boring Brody storyline that nobody cares about -- tell me in the comments if I'm wrong -- continues with Jessica and Dana attending therapy together. After leaving, Dana spots Liam and mouths, "I miss you."

They later meet up and have sex amongst a pile of sheets in the laundry room of the facility where they're getting help. This is supposed to be a big moment for the show, as I'm fairly certain that Dana is a virgin. But I'm also fairly certain I don't care.

I also don't care when Jessica tells Dana the next morning, after security guards stop them from having sex again, that "He's not good for you." 

Towards the end of the episode, however, we do get one potentially interesting story direction when Dana takes out her father's prayer mat in the garage, kneels down on it and then leans forward as if she's about to start praying.

Will she convert to Islam like her father? What's her mom going to do after she finds that out? (She famously flipped out at Brody when she found out last season.)

Homeland airs Sundays at 9pm on Showtime.

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