'Homeland' Recap: Carrie Risks Her Javadi Mission On Dana Brody Search
'Homeland' Recap: Carrie Risks Her Javadi Mission On Dana Brody Search
Alan Danzis
Alan Danzis
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Last week's shocking twist of events in the final scene was debated quite a bit over the last week. Some reviewers like me loved it--others, thought it was the last straw in a bad Homeland season. One thing we did agree on, however, is the continued awfulness of the Dana/Leo plotline.

Given that Carrie spends the episode risking her cover and blowing all that she's gained with the Iranians - including an upcoming meeting with Javadi, the man behind the Langley bombing - on trying to find Dana, I can only imagine how much fellow critics are going to continue to hate that character.

Carrie's Mission and Side Mission

At the beginning of the episode, we start to learn who does and who doesn't know about Carrie and Saul's plan. Quinn was one of those not in the know and Saul quickly brings him into the fold, as well as tasks him with following Carrie.

Carrie is awaiting further instructions on how she'll get to meet Javadi, but that's interrupted when Jessica of all people comes to see her and asks for her assistance in finding Dana. Unless the two of them "patched things up" in the off season, why on Earth would Jessica come to see Carrie?

Regardless, Carrie decides to act right away, even though that could tip off Javadi's people that are currently tailing her to see if she truly has left the side of the good guys.

To elude their eyes, Carrie pulls a "yoga play" with Max, Virgil's brother. (That's also the name of the episode.) Basically, it's Carrie going to yoga, only to slip out the back while a body double remains.

Carrie visits Agent Hall - who I had to Google to remember who he was - and asks for his help in tracking down Dana. He admits that the FBI has been monitoring her conversations with Leo and has determined he's not a threat. Carrie disagrees and says that if Brody does finally reach out to someone, he's going to reach out to Dana--and she needs to be alive for that to happen. (She doesn't say it, but she implies it.)

Carrie returns to her yoga cover just in time to avoid being discovered while Dana sees a report on the news about Leo quitting a suicide pact with his brother. (We have to insinuate Agent Hall is responsible for that news leak.) Dana confronts him and Leo admits all of it. Dana eventually flags down a cop that was hot on their trail - the gas station attendant a scene earlier must have recognized Dana and Leo from the news report - and she's off to go back home.

Saul is mad about Carrie's decision to risk her cover, but she says it's still intact. We begin to wonder all episode long if she's correct, even after Javadi's men who have been following her seemingly disappear.

And then it happens. Somehow under Quinn's watchful eye - which seems more of a plot requirement not a character mistake - men get into Carrie's house, strip her naked so they can scan her for listening and tracking devices, and then put a bag over her head so they can sneak her away to go meet with Javadi.

She meets the man at the end of the episode. And he even compliments her on her body--he says it must come from all that yoga.

Saul's Duck Hunting Trip

While the majority of the episode is about Carrie's mission and side mission, Saul does take a duck hunting trip with a number of notable government leaders who are helping the President - unseen in this episode - make a decision on who should be the new head of the CIA. (At the point when Saul heads on the trip, it's looking like it will be him.)

But Senator Andrew Lockheart is chosen, especially as Saul shows he's unwilling to fudge intelligence to help get to war with Iran.

It's a small plotline, but probably something that will play out over the next few episodes. For instance, what's Lockheart going to think when he learns about what Carrie and Saul have been up to? (Especially that now, for all intents and purposes, Carrie has been kidnapped.)

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