'Homeland' Recap: Brody's Allegiance is Questioned
'Homeland' Recap: Brody's Allegiance is Questioned
Alan Danzis
Alan Danzis
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Brody's allegiance to either America or Abu Nazir drove the entire first season, as well as large parts of season 2. We spend this week's episode wondering about his allegiance all over again.

It's not an original idea, but for a recapper who's been bored by most of the season, it's by far one of the more interesting and exciting episodes of the season.

Brody's Mission

The episode starts off with Saul visiting Alain Bernard in prison. He plans to force Alain into assigning some Mossad officers who happen to be in Tehran to help Brody in accomplishing his mission. While he refers to Alain as the "greaseball that f***ed my wife," Saul manages to successfully convince him.

Those agents aren't the only people who are going to help Brody in Iran -- Carrie manages to get into the country as well by posing as a French citizen. She goes to Fara's uncle, who has opened the DHL box the CIA sent him. He's furious that Fara works for the CIA, but hands over what was to be delivered to Carrie.

After debriefing Brody without having him tortured, Javati meets with his boss, Danesh Akbari. He manages to convince Akbari, despite his doubts, to meet with Brody personally.

Carrie, meanwhile, meets up with the two Mossad agents who provide her with the weapon Brody will use to kill Akbari. It's a cyanide needle. When she returns back to the hotel, she's alarmed when she's taken by two men. Luckily, they work for Javati, who wants to talk about the upcoming meeting between Akbari and Brody.

The two of them are to meet in a very, very public space. As Brody is just a few feet away from his target, Akbari gets back in his car and drives off, surprising all the CIA people watching on the ground and from afar. Instead, Brody is brought inside to meet with Abu Nazir's widow. (Side note: I can't spell her name. While I was able to successfully Google for Akbari, I couldn't Google her name.)

After a short conversation where she vets Brody, he leaves her house to be greeted by applause. Soon, he's a hero in the country of Iran, and Saul and Dar Adal watch him giving a TV interview on Iranian television denouncing America. Days or possibly weeks pass and Brody does not show up to the extraction Saul arranges when it becomes clear he'll never get a shot at Akbari again.

Lockhart convinces Saul to have Brody assassinated so they can cut their losses. Carrie tries to talk him out of it but can't. She manages to get Brody on the phone to warn him, which infuriates Saul. "You really f***ed up this time!"

Brody manages to escape the Mossad agents, who are going to kill him, and goes to see Abu Nazir's widow again. He convinces her that he needs to see Akbari to talk about Javati. She helps arrange that meet.

While in Akbari's office, Brody confesses that Javati is working with the CIA, as he is. We the audience, I'm sure, are meant to assume Brody has once again turned his back on America. But no. He grabs a glass bowl and smacks Akbari across the face with it. He then jumps on top of him and smothers him to death with a pillow. Talk about an improvised assassination!

Brody then calls Carrie, tells her he killed him and says, "Get me out of here." Next week's season finale will likely be about one thing and one thing only: can Carrie get Brody out of Iran alive?

Other Odds and Ends

-- Fara's uncle is happy to learn she wears the head scarf in America. Seeing that that is important to him suddenly makes the randomness of the scene earlier in the season where Saul rips into her for wearing it make sense.

-- If it's that easy to convince Abu Nazir's widow that Brody needed to see Akbari, why does he wait until his life is in danger before he does it?

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