'Homeland' Preview: Brody's Back
'Homeland' Preview: Brody's Back
Carla Day
Carla Day
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The whereabouts of Brody remained a mystery during the first two episodes of Homeland season 3. He's the most wanted man in the United States with a bounty on his head after being pegged as being responsible for the bombing of the CIA headquarters. In "Tower of David," Brody's story is revealed.

Spoiler alert: This article contains Homeland spoilers and clips. No major plot points are revealed, but don't read further if you want to remain spoiler-free.

"Tower of David" is a slow-paced episode that focuses entirely on Brody and Carrie's individual circumstances and troubles. They are both in oddly similar situations even though their journeys have been different.

The bombing at the CIA has forever altered their lives in ways that neither of them appear to deserve. And, by the end of the hour, it's a mystery how they would ever be able to re-establish any semblance of a normal life.

When Brody first appears on the screen he's in bad shape. He desperately needs medical assistance. Where he's been and how he got in this condition is unclear.

While Brody is nearly dying, Carrie is struggling with her mental health and being locked up in a mental institution. She finally breaks down, though she finds a ally to help her through.

Carrie meets with her doctor and believes that she's getting better. She's concerned with how she left things with Saul and wants to make it right. Is Carrie saying what she thinks she needs to say in order to be released? Or, does she really believe the medication is helping her?

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