'Homeland' Preview: Brody's in Custody - Now What?
'Homeland' Preview: Brody's in Custody - Now What?
Carla Day
Carla Day
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Homeland ended with quite the shocker last week when Carrie confronted Brody about his terrorist actions. Brody's new life as a Congressman and potential Vice President candidate was crushed when Carrie went from a delusional CIA officer to one that knew about his suicide vest bomb.

Homeland doesn't hold anything back; it keeps you on the each of your seat with surprises and never slows down for even a minute. Just because Brody is now in custody, the tension doesn't stop.

In "Q & A," Brody is interrogated, while the CIA works to keep his capture quiet. Here's a clip when a plan is forged to cover for Brody's absence.

Despite Brody and Jessica's separation, she is the biggest threat to the secret getting out. When she hears that Brody has the flu, she goes to help him only to find him missing. This only causes her to further question what has been going on lately with her husband.

Estes, Saul and Peter are not happy about Carrie's move on Brody, but it's been done and they have to salvage what they can. With Nazir set to target the Unites States, they have to interrogate Brody to get what information they can from him.

First, they have to get him to even admit that they is working with Nazir and not just a patriotic Congressman. Here's a clip of Peter interrogating Brody.

This interrogation clip is only the beginning. "Q & A" is one of the most intense hours of television and that's saying a lot given the previous episodes of Homeland this season. It will change the nature of the investigation into Nazir, the marriage between Brody and Jessica, and lastly bring Brody and Carrie's relationship to a risky place.

Here's the trailer for the episode:

While all that drama is going on, Dana gets closer to the Vice President's son, Finn, with deadly consequences.

You will not want to miss this episode of Homeland. It will set the stage for the next phase of the story.

Homeland airs on Sundays at 10 pm ET on Showtime.

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