'Homeland' Interview with EP Alex Gansa: Who Was Responsible for the Bombing?
'Homeland' Interview with EP Alex Gansa: Who Was Responsible for the Bombing?
Carla Day
Carla Day
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Spoiler alert: This article contains some Homeland spoilers for the season 2 finale and for season 3.

Just when it looks like things are going according to plan, instead everything goes to shambles.Carrie and Brody were free to be together if they wanted, Nazir was killed and buried at sea, Brody gave Mike permission to be with Jessica, and Dana even got some closure with her father.

And, BOOM! It all collapsed. Carrie turned on Brody at least temporarily, over 400 people were dead, and Saul was put in charge. Perhaps even more surprising than the explosion was the release of Brody's video suicide message.

Did he do it? Or, was he the patsy? Nazir's final punishment for Brody's betrayal? Or, is someone else responsible?

Executive Producer Alex Gansa talked about the episode, who is responsible, and what is coming up for Homeland in season 3. 

Highlights from the interview: 

  • "The main idea that we liked was a terrorist acting from the grave and using his own death as the ultimate confidence game. For Nazir, it was always about Walden and it was always about the drone program...." -- Alex Gansa

  • If Quinn killed Brody, he would have messed up Nazir's plan to use Brody as the fall guy.

  • Nazir played Brody, CIA, Roya and her team. His death was the opening he needed.

  • Saul is the highest ranking CIA officer. He will be the acting CIA Director in beginning of season 3 with Carrie's help.

  • Brody will be on the run and hiding out when the show returns.

  • "These star crossed lovers were never meant to be together. And every time they do get together something really bad happens. Even the power of this love that they have between them and the connection that these two damaged souls have found in each other is ultimately a curse." -- Alex Gansa

The Homeland season two finale left quite a few questions to be answered, while it set into motion an exciting premise for season 3. With Saul in charge of the CIA, Carrie will certainly return to help him track down this new terrorist leader that has replaced Abu Nazir.

At the same time, she has to protect Brody and prove his innocence. Brody's family will be under immense pressure now that the head of their family is considered one of the worst terrorists out there. Will Carrie reach out to them and tell them the truth? Or, keep her distance from the Brody family?

Did you enjoy the finale? Were you surprised by Nazir's elaborate plan to get revenge on those responsible for the drone strike, plus Brody too?

Homeland has been renewed for a third season and will return in the fall of 2013.

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