'Homeland' 'I'll Fly Away' Video Preview: What Will Happen Next Between Carrie and Brody?
'Homeland' 'I'll Fly Away' Video Preview: What Will Happen Next Between Carrie and Brody?
Carla Day
Carla Day
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
On Homeland, the relationship between Carrie and Brody became quite heated again this week when they ended up smooching in the woods. Ever since they were forced to work together, it was inevitable that this pair would hook up again, but I never expected it to happen this quickly. Wow!

Before we get to next week's episode, let's reflect on the steamy kisses in the woods. What do you think about Brody's question, "Is this real?" At least, Carrie answered honestly by saying she wasn't sure. What do you think? Are their feelings for each other real? Or, is "feeling good" enough?

Showtime has released a video clip for people to enjoy and watch over and over again!

Warning: If you don't want to know anything about the next episode, stop reading and don't watch the next two clips. They do include Homeland spoilers. No major spoilers, but you have been warned.

Next week, Carrie and Brody get mixed up even more. The "I'll Fly Away" trailer gives just a little insight into what's coming up and it doesn't look good for either of them. Will their actions make a terrorist attack more likely or will Carrie's plan help prevent it?

Highlights from the "I'll Fly Away" Homeland trailer:
  • Jessica and Brody get into a fight (see video below for extended scene).
  • Brody tells Roya, "I'm through." He doesn't want to help with a terrorist attack while being kept in the dark about the plan.
  • Carrie takes action to salvage the plan.
  • Did Carrie and Brody run and hide in a hotel?
  • Estes says that Brody "jumped surveillance and Carrie made it happen." Oops. He doesn't look very happy about this situation.
  • Brody says, "I just want things to be the way that they were." Hmm ... when he was just a terrorist? Or, before that, when he was a marine and a patriot?
  • An attack is coming!
Showtime has released a clip, "Right and Wrong" that shows a major blow out between Jessica and Brody.

Uh oh! Did Dana run away? Initially, I didn't get the point of Finn's hit-and-run accident, but between all the confrontations last week and this scene, it looks like the Homeland writers have taken a simple story and turned it into a well-developed train wreck that keeps the viewers on the edge of their seats.

Jessica is furious with Brody over his decision to leave the police station without filing a report. This argument has huge ramifications for America, since Brody is supposed to be meeting with Roya  at the same time to get details on the terrorist attack.

Brody's final reaction in the clip is heart-stopping. His deal with the CIA has put him a corner and he can't win. He either betrays his family by doing the wrong thing, but stays with them. Or, he does the right thing for them and ends up in prison or worse. Plus, throw in the stress of being a double-crossing terrorist turned some-what patriot, it's a shock that he is even able to talk to Jessica at all.

Homeland returns Sunday, November 18 with "I'll Fly Away" at 10 pm ET on Showtime.

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