'Homeland' Recap: Nazir Finally Gets the Upper Hand On the CIA
'Homeland' Recap: Nazir Finally Gets the Upper Hand On the CIA
Alan Danzis
Alan Danzis
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
In tonight's episode, we learn that whatever Abu Nazir is planning, he's planning something big. And while Carrie, Saul and the team have been successful lately by uncovering Brody's role and even recruiting him to be a double agent, Nazir now has something the CIA was very close to uncovering and taking possession of.

The box carted out of the tailor's store in Gettysburg looks big enough to hold a small nuclear sized weapon. And the good guys might have had it earlier -- Quinn only discovers the false wall moments before an armed team comes in and kills seven other CIA agents -- had Brody been upfront about what he knew.

But Brody, despite his plea deal, keeps a lot of things close to his vest. While he admits he doesn't know the man talking to Roya the journalist at the beginning of the episode -- in an incredibly tense, well-shot sequence that shows how the CIA tails a suspect -- he almost continues to hide what he knows about the tailor's death. (He, of course, doesn't implicate himself in it.)

That means the CIA wasted five full days waiting for a tailor that was dead to return back to his storefront. Carrie confronts Brody at the end of the episode, putting those seven deaths on him.

The episode is fairly slow with not a lot of movement on the Nazir front until that raid that Quinn miraculously survives, though we don't know how bad he is injured. More important, though, he likely does know they took something, even if we the audience are the only ones to know the man with Roya from the beginning of the episode was involved.

The rest of the episode is dedicated to moving along some other B plotlines that appear like they could further complicate things at the end of the season.

Mike and Louder visit the spot where Brody killed Walker and become convinced Brody did do it. Enough so that Estes and Saul have to tell Mike to stop looking into it. Of course, whenever someone tells a character not to investigate something on TV, they investigate it more. Mike eventually discovers a missing bullet in Brody's garage and confronts Jessica with his theory.

"I love you ... and he's not getting better," he tells her. When Jessica confides in him that Brody is in the CIA, he's still doubting Brody's true intentions. While Brody has told Jessica part of the truth of his deal with the CIA -- that he's working with them, but not because he has to -- it's looking increasingly likely that Mike will uncover the why behind Brody's decision to work with them.

And in the hit and run subplot that ruins most other shows, the victim Finn ran over in last week's episode eventually dies, but not before her daughter has a conversation with Dana, who wants to see if the victim is okay in the hospital. That inopportune meeting, as well as Dana's inability to lie as well as her father, will likely result in Dana -- and eventually Finn -- being connected to the hit and run. How that figures into the Nazir plot and the CIA's deal with Brody is still unclear.

The episode ends with Carrie confronting Brody in his congressional office. He reaches out emotionally and physically to her, and while she initially rejects it, she does embrace the hug he offers. Will this eventually lead to a rekindling of their romantic relationship that Brody is telling Roya exists to keep up his cover?

Given the size of what Nazir's men took out of the tailor shop, hopefully not. They have bigger things to worry about.

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