Yahoo Release Top TV Search Data For 2006
Yahoo has released it yearly top 10 searches for various areas including TV. The complete list can be found here. Did your favorite show make it? Read on to find out.
#1 - American Idol Who is surprised by this? Seriously? With the largest viewing audience in history, if American Idol was not generating the highest search volume, something in the universe would be out of balance. #2 - LOST This, on the other hand, is surprising. Given the drop off in viewers, you would expect to see LOST lose some ground in search popularity. None-the-less, the cryptic drama keeps surfers searching on Yahoo. #3 - Days of our Lives I'm going to miss the point on this entirely, I'm sure, but I'm guessing the worlds most popular soap has a lot of working moms (and maybe a smaller percentage of dads) looking for some lurid recapage. #4 - Family Guy Wow, I personally am ecstatic! Family Guy was canceled, brought back, and now hums along with anything from so-so to awesome ratings, depending on the cycle of the moon or something. #5 - Deal or No Deal Interesting. More proof that game shows are making a big comeback, I suppose. #6 - Grey's Anatomy No that's more like it. Grey's has been hot for some-time, it's no surprise net-savvy viewers are out there digging up as much info as they can. #7 - The Simpsons In its bazillionth season, is it any surprise The Simpsons continue to draw favor with internet trivia seekers? #8 - Dancing With The Stars ABC's not-so-surprise-hit reality show keeps seekers tap-dancing through Yahoo's web crawlers. #9 - Smallville He may not have the cape and tights, but CW's Superman keeps the surfers searching. #10 - South Park The ultimate example of saving the best for last. South Park's creators' refusal to back down from their irreverent story-telling probably limits South Park from the mainstream a bit, but would Eric Cartmen really give a ____?