Top 7 of '07: Saddest Deaths
Top 7 of '07: Saddest Deaths
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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2007 saw the end of some of our favorite characters on television. Major cast members were being killed off almost every single week, particularly during May and November. From beloved series regulars to memorable guest stars, the "In Memoriam" montage for this year would be longer for fictional characters than it would for real people.

While putting together our list, we tried to pick the most important deaths, the ones that came at a price. Some of the deaths were sudden, others were a long time coming, and yet others were off-screen and quite comical, though with devastating results.

But before we get into our official list of the seven saddest deaths, wed like to take some time out to pay tribute to many of the other fictional people we lost this year who didn't make the list.

Meredith's mom and George's dad both passed away on Grey's Anatomy.  Bradford Meade bit the big one on Ugly Betty.  Many of the Others, including Mr. Friendly, as well as Locke's father were killed on Lost.  Tommy's baby, William Walker, Jr. lived a tragically short life on Brothers & Sisters.  Gaby's husband Mayor Victor Lang was impaled by a fence post on Desperate Housewives.

Another TV mayor, Jericho's Johnston Green, was gunned down during the finale, though miraculously the show survived.  The Unit member Hector Williams was shockingly killed off this year.  Scrubs killed off Nurse Laverne for no good reason.  A whole lot of Heroes died (or did they?), including Isaac, Simone, Niki, D.L., Kaito Nakamura and Nathan Petrelli, to name a few.  24's Milo Pressman got a bullet to the head.

In the non-human world, How I Met Your Mother's Marshall said arrivederci to his Fiero, while Michel from Gilmore Girls said farewell to his beloved dog Chin Chin.

On cable, more than half the cast of Rome was axed as the show sped through history to find the deaths of Brutus, Cicero, Mark Antony, Cleopatra, Servilia, and Lucius Vorenus, to name a few.  In the final season of The Sopranos, Johnny Sack succumbed to lung cancer, Christopher was choked to death, Phil Leotardo was shot and then his car ran over his head, and Bobby Baccalieri was whacked in the model train store.  On Showtime's Dexter, Sergeant Doakes met his maker in a giant explosion.

Dennis and Dee's mom died on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, while the Chief on Rescue Me and Ray Fiske on Damages both committed suicide.  Also on Rescue Me, Tommy's dad died quietly sitting next to his son at a baseball game.  Starbuck "died" on Battlestar Galactica, though that doesn't count since she came back in the finale.  There was also The Master from Doctor Who and dorky J.T. from Degrassi: The Next Generation.

And even in the world of soap operas, daytime staples like John Black on Days of our Lives and Emily Quartermaine on General Hospital passed away.

If you're a big enough fan of television, then you probably think you know who we haven't mentioned yet, and therefore, must be on our list of the top seven.  Are you right?  Click through to find out.

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