'Riverdale' Theory: Is FP As Guilty As He Seems?
'Riverdale' Theory: Is FP As Guilty As He Seems?
Vanessa Frith
Vanessa Frith
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FP Jones, I'm calling you out. Your hands are as dirty as anyone's in Riverdale, and you're only going to dive deeper into the muck and mire as the hunt for Jason Blossom's killer continues.

From running with the Southside Serpents to spending nights in a small town drunk tank, Jughead's (Cole Sprouse) pops hasn't made the best life choices. As with 90 percent of the adults in Archie's hometown, FP (Skeet Ulrich) has earned a spot on our suspect list, in no small part due to his apparent involvement in Jason's car fire. But is he a killer or merely a pawn? 

"It absolutely does seem like FP was intimately involved with at least one or both of those things," executive producer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa said of FP's culpability, according to Entertainment Weekly.

While the foundations for murder charges are shaky, FP's possession of Jason's varsity jacket places him at the scene of at least one crime. Was he merely cleaning up someone's mess? Could the Southside Serpents be looking to place a little distance between Jason's torturous demise and the drugs in his car? There are few places the teen could have acquired such large quantities of illicit materials, and the Serpents seem to be the only drug runners in Riverdale (that we know of.)

As to why FP held on to a damning piece of evidence, perhaps he couldn't bear to burn a symbol of Jason's innocence and vitality. Somewhere underneath the layers of alcoholism and misplaced rage, Mr. Jones has paternal instincts. 

From what we've been left to surmise, the Joneses were a relatively happy family once upon a time. No one was trying to keep up with them, that's for sure, but Jughead has fond memories of his youth, and it's that life he's fighting to get back. He seemed wholly ignorant of his father's lengthy rap sheet, however, a fact we cannot overlook when drawing up charges. Particularly not if FP's greatest sins are yet to be revealed. 

"There are definitely twists and turns to [FP and Jughead's relationship], but he's very much in the hot seat from this point moving forward, because people are going to start discovering a lot of things FP has done that he thought were never going to see the light of day," Aguirre-Sacasa warned. 

We've put so much focus on the grownups of Riverdale, we have yet to wonder if certain innocent youngsters were involved ... or are in need of protection. Like we said, FP is a father, and most fathers would do anything to protect their kids. Could someone be threatening the Jones clan? Why anyone would ever wish ill upon the cinnamon bun that is Jughead, we could never guess. And yet, it can't be ruled out. 

If we're being totally honest, Jason's murder is looking increasingly like a team effort. We're sure FP fits prominently in that jigsaw, and we wouldn't be at all surprised to find out he has blood on his hands. Whose blood, and how old, remains to be seen. 

Do you know who killed Jason Blossom? Leave your theories in the comments below!

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