Preparing for TV in December
December is the worst non-Summer month for TV. I'm sorry, it's true. After this week, most shows will go into some sort of hiatus, some for a month, some for a few weeks, some longer. The reasons are perfectly valid: the holidays are a busy time for the average American, and in turn, people have less time to watch TV. Christmas parties, family gatherings, Egg Nog-related hospital visits; all things that deter the networks from providing us new episodes of our favorite shows. However, there are still things that can be found on television to keep us warm during the relatively barren month of December. Here's a short list.
  • Watch sports. The NFL and NBA are into high gear. College Football Bowl Games are fast approaching. College Basketball is almost into conference play. The last games of the group stages in the UEFA Champions League Soccer is on this week. Hockey still exists, so I'm told.
  • Reality shows are heading into their finales. The Amazing Race finishes next week. Survivor will be airing new episodes throughout the holidays. America's Next Top Model is nearing its conclusion.
  • I know this isn't on TV, per se, but now is a perfect time to catch up on shows via DVD. Catch up on 24 before season 6 begins in January. You can watch the entirety of Lost before it comes back in February. Sopranos, The Wire, Rome, and Entourage are great DVDs to get into. There are loads of others, anything you could imagine.
  • If you feeling like watching "A Christmas Story" for the 9,000th time, TBS has it on a 24-hour loop.
  • Christmas Specials are kind of fun. I guess.
Stay strong, loyal TV watcher. Don't look at December as a long wait in between new episodes. Look at it as an opportunity. You can be a fan of Lost and know what all your friends are talking about. Join in on the joy that Jack Bauer bestows upon millions of viewers. Watch Ohio State romp Florida. Options are limitless. -Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer