'Nashville' Recap: Red Lips, White Lies
'Nashville' Recap: Red Lips, White Lies
Carla Day
Carla Day
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Changes are coming swiftly on Nashville. On "I'm Sorry For You, My Friend," the much anticipated Rayna Jaymes and Juliette Barnes arena tour finally kicked off in San Diego and with that will come drama, drama, and more drama. 

Rayna's Decisions

Rayna's life is a mess. She's left her family behind, as well as, her broken marriage. Her tour preparations kept her so busy that she's been able to push any decision about Teddy to the side. She couldn't hide forever though. She had to decide whether or not to be by his side when the election results were announced

She struggled even more on the tour with Deacon's absence. She was having problems with her guitarist and he then quit. Rayna's solution was to ask Liam to fill in for a few shows and he agreed ... to play for three and only three shows.

Her first show went well and then she decided she needed to go home to be with her family for the election.

Juliette's Selfish or Not?

In the aftermath of jilting Sean at the alter, Juliette continued her preparations for the tour and filed for divorce without talking to him. In Juliette style, she dealt with her problems by becoming all about her. Sean responded to her divorce filing by serving her with annulment papers. 

Juliette overplayed her allotted time on stage, dissed Liam when he confronted her, and then took off in her jet. She ended up in Oakland to see Sean about the annulment. He was understandably upset and planned on being married only once. Juliette made it back in time to give an impressive performance for the crowd.

She showed up to the annulment meeting where she admitted to fraud, so the annulment would be granted. Sean accepted her decision, but didn't show her any sympathy at all. Juliette was left all alone again.

Off to Austin

Gunnar and Scarlett head to Texas for their family and neither reunion has a happy ending. Though, they did write three new songs on the road trip, so it wasn't a wasted trip. And, in the end, Scarlett got to know Gunnar a little bit better.

Gunnar went to pick up his brother on his release from prison. They had a nice bonding moment singing in the hotel, but that positive reunion was quickly ended. Gunnar returned from a food run to find that his brother had sold his guitar and bought a gun illegally. At least, Gunnar will know he tried to help his brother.

Meanwhile, Scarlett hung out with Deacon at his show with the Revel Kings. It was going well until a jealous Cy pushed himself on Scarlett and she kneed him hard between the legs. Deacon walked in on it and attacked Cy. That was the end of Deacon's Revel Kings career.

All three were headed back to Nashville. 

Atlanta Manipulation

Avery was still in Atlanta working out a record deal with Dominic. Marilyn told Avery that the deal wasn't any good and wanted to get a better offer. Instead of listening to Marilyn, Avery went to talk to Dominic, who convinced Avery that she was only out for herself.

Dominic and Avery went out for a drive with the guitarist returning the next day with a new record contract and car. Marilyn was dismayed at Avery. She said she could have gotten him a six-figure advance and all he got as a nice car.

The New Mayor Is....

The race for Nashville Mayor was going to come down to a close call. Lamar offered to help guarantee Teddy a win, but the candidate refused to buy votes. Would Teddy be able to pull out a win? And, would Rayna show up to be there?

Yes and yes! Teddy won the election and Rayna realized she needed to be there for her family despite their marital problems. Though, even though Teddy won the election it was a bittersweet moment as they witnessed Coleman and his wife's love for each other.

Teddy remained at the campaign for awhile and Peggy showed up to congratulation him. She made it clear that she wasn't trying to kill herself, but accidentally took too many pills. Their closeness looked like there was definitely more going on then just a business deal gone bad.

Even if Teddy didn't have an affair with Peggy, will his problems with Rayna push him to have one?

Odds and Ends

Now that Deacon is off the Revel Kings tour, will he join Rayna again? That certainly won't help her marriage, but he would offer a familiarity that would help her on tour. Though, now that Rayna has Liam, she may not even want Deacon. 

I didn't think much of Liam when he first began working with Rayna, but over the last few episodes, he's really grown on me. His direct approach to handling Juliette and Rayna's gift was a pleasant surprise. His honesty is what Rayna needs.

The political storyline and everything to do with Teddy or Lamar is exhausting to watch. I hope that gets spiced up a bit or toned down because right now it isn't working.

Overall, this was an entertaining episode and both concert performances were well done.

What was your favorite song? Do you think Rayna should try to convince Liam to stay? Or, do you want to see Deacon on the tour?

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