Inside the Golden Globes - Best Television Series - Musical or Comedy
I'm not sure why they keep tacking on "musical" to this comedy category. Has there ever been a musical series on TV, every episode full of song and dance? Is Barney the Talking Dinosaur considered for this category? I'm not opposed to prime time musical series, but writing songs is hard. I just don't see twenty-two episodes working logistically. The five comedies nominated in this category each come with their own merits. I don't agree with all the nominees; there is one whose nod actually makes me visibly angry. In fact, I'm repeatedly punching a metal wall right now. Broken hand aside, I'm actually pretty pleased with the nominees for two reasons I'll get into in a moment. First, check out the nominees after the jump.
Best Television Series - Musical or Comedy
Desperate Housewives Entourage The Office Ugly Betty Weeds The Office is a no-brainer. Weeds I can't really speak to because I've never seen it. However, from those I've talked to, it sounds pretty damn funny. The Entourage inclusion is what really makes this list work for me. Entourage is not the type of show that typically gets love from the press, and I'm glad the Hollywood Foreign Press has given that show its due this time. Ugly Betty? I'm okay with it. It's not my bag, really, but I can understand people calling it a comedy. It's a funny show. My biggest complaint is something I've harped on before and I guess I'll just say it again: DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES IS NOT A COMEDY!!!!!! It's a pretty simple concept. Good show, great characters, not a comedy. There's the occasional laugh, sure, but no more than, say, Grey's Anatomy or Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. It just bothers me that a show like Housewives would be nominated over comedies that actually make you laugh, like How I Met Your Mother or Scrubs. The Office is going to win the award. If any other show wins it will be a monumental upset. That said, Desperate Housewives could easily end up winning if the world chooses to spite me. Go Office! -Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer