'Burn Notice' Recap: Who's the New Guy?
'Burn Notice' Recap: Who's the New Guy?
Lynn DeVries
Lynn DeVries
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
In last night's episode "Fast Friends" we were introduced to Jesse Porter, the counterintelligence agent whom Michael Westen inadvertently burned in last week's episode. Jesse doesn't know that Michael burned him but is determined to find out who did - with Michael's help. Oh yeah. Total drama.

Michael had to build Jesse's trust since he needs Jesse to find Simon and to get "unburned." But if Michael gets off the burned list, is there going to be a Burn Notice? Jesse isn't going to take Michael's place, is he? And who exactly is Jesse Porter?

New kid on the block

So we don't know too much about Jesse, except that he was a counterspy with the FBI. But we do know that he had an enemy, Khan, who wanted him deader than dead but ended getting himself killed (thanks, Michael). We also know that there's some mystery, possibly murder, with his mother, with whom he seemed close. Jesse almost lost his life last night by going back to his apartment to get a St. Christopher's medal his mother gave him. That's dedication. And love.

The Yin and the Yang

Jesse probably reminds you of when Michael got burned way back in the first season. Like Jesse, Michael was confused, angry and determined to find out who burned him. But unlike Jesse, Michael had people to help him - on-again-off-again girlfriend Fiona, his pal Sam and his mother Madeline. Jesse had no one. That was until Michael and his crew came along. But still, he's a counterintelligence agent, which means he naturally trusts no one. Somehow though he builds up trust in Michael, not knowing that Michael got him in that awful situation in the first place. And Jesse plans to take out the person who burned him. Eek!

The Fourth Wheel

Yes, as of now, Jesse seems like a good match for the team of Michael, Fiona and Sam. But a foursome? We're so used to only thee. Will Michael get jealous of Fiona and Jesse's possible hook-up? Will Sam get jealous of Michael and Jesse's newfound friendship? Will Jesse go off the deep end once he finds out that Michael burned him? The last question is a definite yes. But when?

It doesn't look like Jesse is going anywhere for several episodes. So we'll just have to get accustomed to his pretty face. Which isn't so hard to do. Plus, it will good to see some soap opera-ish drama to balance out the bevy of action scenes. As long that there are still plenty of action scenes.

Burn Notice continues next Thursday on USA at 9pm EST.

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