BuddyTV Needs You! Seeking Volunteer Fan Columnists
You've enjoyed our recaps, scoured our site for spoilers and twiddled away the afternoon playing our trivia. Now become a part of our team! BuddyTV is looking for passionate, diligent, fanatical Volunteer Fan Columnists interested in submitting the 10 Best Quotes and 10 Best Tweets for a wide range of their favorite shows in return for byline credit. Here's some examples:

Sons of Anarchy Awesome Quotes: http://bit.ly/p4KfZt

Sons of Anarchy Top Tweets:  http://bit.ly/o6M6b8

We're looking for Volunteer Fan Columnists for the following shows:

America's Next Top Model
Criminal Minds
Grey's Anatomy
Gossip Girl
Jersey Shore
Once Upon a Time
Prime Suspect
Law and Order: SVU
The Amazing Race
The Biggest Loser
Terra Nova
The Mentalist
The Sing-Off
The Walking Dead
The Real Housewives of New Jersey
The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
The Secret Circle
And More ...

To throw your hat in the ring, you must be able to commit weekly. You will email in your Top Quotes and / or Tweets within two hours of the conclusion of the show's airing so we can get them up quickly. We value continuity, so please ensure you are able to commit for the entire season.

So if interested, email fancolumnist@buddytv.com:
(a) Which shows would you like to write for?
(b) Would you like to author the Quote, Tweets or both for the shows you list in (a)?
(c) An example of a Quote or Tweet article for the show you'd like to write for.
(d) The name you'd like to use for byline credit for each piece.

We'll review all the submissions and get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks for your interest!