5 Oscar Stars Who Would Make Great Future Hosts
5 Oscar Stars Who Would Make Great Future Hosts
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Hosting the Academy Awards is a thankless job. The pressure is huge and almost every year, critics pounce on the host for being boring or unfunny (this year being no exception).

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So what unfortunate soul will have to host the Oscars next year? Time will tell, but based on the 2012 Academy Awards ceremony, there were quite a few presenters and attendees who certainly made a strong impression and could definitely make strong candidates to host the Oscars in the future.

Emma Stone

We already loved Stone with her winning movie roles and hilarious job of hosting Saturday Night Live, but she stole this year's show with her brilliant excitement over hosting for the first time. She proved she can do comedy, interact with the audience and even sing a little, all of which could make her a great hostess in the future.

Robert Downey, Jr.

Every time he presents at the Oscars or Golden Globes, he's quite funny and incredibly charming. This year was no exception as he attempted to film a "live documentary." The man has more charisma than anyone else in Hollywood, and that alone could make him a great host.

Chris Rock

I know that when Rock hosted the Oscars in 2005, it wasn't that great, but times have changed. Rock has matured as a comedian and his brief stand-up about animated films (and how black actors only play donkeys or zebras) was a lot funnier than any of Billy Crystal's jokes.

Meryl Streep

This might seem strange, but it might be the smartest idea. As I said, the Oscar host is always criticized for not being very good. But who would dare criticize the beloved Meryl Streep? Plus, her acceptance speech proved she has a fun, self-deprecating sense of humor that could work quite well. Streep would certainly be a long-shot, but I think she'd be quite good, as she is in everything.

Christopher Guest's Acting Troupe

The Wizard of Oz focus group was one of the funniest moments from this year's Oscars, and it's all due to Guest and his amazing group of actors. While the last two years have seen duos hosting (James Franco and Anne Hathaway, Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin), it's been 25 years since the Oscars have had a larger group of multiple hosts, and it might be time to bring back that tradition. Guest, along with Fred Willard, Eugene Levy, Catherine O'Hara, Jennifer Coolidge and Bob Balaban, would bring comedy and there would be enough people that it would never seem stale or boring.

What star from this year's show do you think would make the best future Oscar host?

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