'Hole in the Wall' Punches in With Previews This September
'Hole in the Wall' Punches in With Previews This September
Japanese game show fans are in for a treat again come September, as American Idol producers FremantleMedia North America are bringing us the latest and wackiest game show titled Hole in the Wall.  The show, which premieres on Thursday, September 11 at 8pm on FOX, will be airing special previews on Sunday, September 7 following the first NFL doubleheader of the season and Tuesday, September 9, following the series premiere of Fringe.  Hole in the Wall will air its hour-long premiere on Thursday, September 11 on FOX.

Hole in the Wall is globally popular game show which requires participants to twist their backs and come up with the craziest stunts to fit into a human puzzle.  Hilarity results when panic sets in and forces the contestants to come up with creative ways to fit into the puzzle.

Hole in the Wall gained massive popularity all over the world when it began on Japan’s Fuji TV in July of 2006, where it continues to be the top program in its timeslot.  The format of the show was later copied by several production companies worldwide, including FremantleMedia, which aired versions in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, China, Colombia, Denmark, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Israel, Malaysia, Mexico, Russia, Sweden and the U.K.

The show, which is hosted by Brooke Burns of Dog Eat Dog, and Mark Thompson of Guinness World Records: Primetime, requires contenders to be quick, witty, and armed with a sense of humor to get past the wacky challenges that lie ahead.  Each episode will feature two teams of three battling it out in a series of challenges with walls speeding towards them with crazy cut-out shapes, in which they need to fit into, lest they want to fall into a pit of water.  The contestants must be agile and creative in fitting into the wall, as a simple wrong move might cause them to lose points and their balance as well.  Teams must creatively work together to earn the most points, and the team garnering the most points will eventually win $25,000 and the chance to finally face the Blind Wall for an opportunity to take home an additional $100,000.

Catch Hole in the Wall premiering on September 11, with preview specials on Sunday, September 7 at 8pm and September 9 at 9:35pm on FOX.

-Valerie Anne del Castillo, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

Source: FOX
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