State of the Hogans: Does 'Brooke Know Best'?
State of the Hogans: Does 'Brooke Know Best'?
Brooke Hogan has survived her family turmoil with her own reality show, a quasi-promising music career, and a sterling reputation relative to the other members of her family.  Hulk Hogan comes out next best, losing points for dating a younger woman who looks suspiciously like his daughter.  Linda is next on the Totem Pole of Respect, docked severely for her desire to incarcerate former husband Hulk, and the fact that she's dating a former classmate of her children.  Worst, however, is Nick Hogan, who is in jail for vehicular assault after putting a friend in a coma while driving like a madman.  But, these are all things that we already knew.  We're one week into Brooke Hogan's reality series Brooke Knows Best, and the world is still trying to wrap their collective heads around the Brooke Hogan era (actually, they probably aren't).  What does it all mean?

Brooke Hogan strikes me as different, somehow, then your typical reality TV whore.  She is earnest, more genuine than your Kardashians or your Lohans or, obviously, your fake bi-sexuals.  You can't fault a person who was born into a showbiz family for making their own attempt at fame.  Unlike a lot of trust fund idiots, Brooke is trying to ply a trade.  She has been steadfast in her quest for music industry success.  Unfortunately, she lacks talent or a miracle working producer.  Brooke Hogan, I'm positive, will never be a major recording artist, which kind of sucks.

Recently, Brooke has recognized the need to cross promote – if her reality series is popular, then her music career will have a better chance at survival.  And, to promote her reality show, Brooke has decided to vamp it up.  She's been a Maxim cover girl, and has continuously been wearing bikinis for the last couple of months.  On the night of the Brooke Knows Best premiere last week, she performed at a Miami night club wearing lingerie.  Exploitative, perhaps, but Brooke has to do whatever she can to attract interest.  The one weird thing about all this (though, I suppose, it's hard to categorize anything involving the Hogans as “normal”), is that Hulk Hogan has been on hand for every racy photoshoot, every scantily-clad performance.  And he's been happy to be there. 

The father managing the sexy exploits of his daughter trend has always bothered me; if I had a daughter, I wouldn't be anywhere near her bikini photo shoots.  That being said, Hulk's head is in the right place, and his support seems to be out of pure fatherly love.  It's a little creepy, but it's not like Hulk needs attention via osmosis from his daughter. 

It's not often the most normal member of a reality TV family gets their own TV spin-off, but Brooke Hogan is as worthy as any.  Brooke Knows Best, unfortunately, will not lead Brooke to musical fame and fortune.  She's just not good enough.  But, and this is important, at least the show is ostensibly about something, unlike the Kardashians or most other VH-1 and MTV nonsense.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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