Linda Hogan's Attorney Thinks Hulk is Behind Damaging Article
Linda Hogan's Attorney Thinks Hulk is Behind Damaging Article
AJ Barranco, Jr., a divorce attorney for Linda Hogan, firmly believes that pro-wrestler Hulk Hogan is the person behind a damaging article poised to be published on the National Enquirer.  Barranco thinks Hogan, who starred alongside Linda on VH1's Hogan Knows Best, is set on portraying his client in a bad light.

John Blosser, senior reporter John Blosser, told Barranco in a letter that the tabloid is “preparing for publication an article discussing the Bollea marriage, specifically commenting on Mrs. Bollea's erratic behavior, her drinking habits and verbally abusive language directed at both her husband and her children.”

Blosser also said the article notes that the couple had been separated for some time before their son Nick Hogan, who also appeared on Hogan Knows Best, was involved in the Clearwater car accident that critically injured passenger John Graziano.

In response to Blosser's letter, Barranco defended his client, saying that “Mrs. Bollea has been a stay-at-home mom during the entire marriage.  The children still live with her and enjoy a nurturing and loving relationship.  While they were growing up, she was a room-mother and sports mom, balancing school activities as well as after-school activities such as soccer and hockey,"

Barranco then commented on Hulk Hogan, saying that he strongly believes the wrestler has “a very close relationship with the reporter Blosser and in the past has referred to him as 'my guy in the tabloids,' he carries Blosser's card in his wallet to this day.”

The “close relationship” between Blosser and Hulk Hogan is what led Barranco to believe that the article is not only unbiased, but also contains false statements from the Hogan Knows Best star.

"It is a shame her husband and his lawyer think they can use the same forceful tactics in the legal arena that he uses in the entertainment arena, but Mrs. Bollea will not play that game," Barranco added.  "This is a case that will be resolved on the legal merits and true facts not on the 'he-man tactics.'  This case will be tried in court and we shall see a 'smackdown'!!"

-Lisa Claustro, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Tampa Bay Tribune  
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