Will There Be a 'High School Musical 4'?
Will There Be a 'High School Musical 4'?
The Disney franchise that has spawned millions of fans (not to mention millions of bucks) will certainly be returning for yet another sequel.  The network has already greenlit production for High School Musical 4, and now new details regarding the film have surfaced.

While it won't be a big screen project, there's still hope for it as a Disney Channel Original Movie.  According to Reuters, the next installment will be called High School Musical 4: East Meets West and will air in 2010.

Hollywood Outbreak has stated that High School Musical 4 will be yet another love triangle between two parties forced apart.  This time however, it's not because of their clique-obsessed friends.  The fourth installment will focus on the cross-town school rivalry between the East High Wildcats and West High Knights.

As for the stars, aka Zac Efron and Co., there's very little confirmation about them returning for the new movie.  A new cast of characters will be brought in, but there are others like Jemma McKenzie-Brown from High School Musical 3: Senior Year willing to return.  Bart Johnson as Coach Jack Bolton has declared getting involved in the project as well.

But Ashley Tisdale, who plays the movie's primary antagonist, finds it peculiar to film another of these movies.  "I feel like we graduated," she told the Associated Press with a laugh.  "I know they left it open for Sharpay. [...]  I feel like it would be a little weird going back without that cast."

Despite her hesitation, she approves of having more High School Musical reincarnations.  "I think that they should definitely keep going with the franchise because it makes so many people happy and for the fans," she said.  "But there comes a time to move on, and I feel like this is the time to go out and do other things."

Disney Channel Worldwide president Rich Ross told Reuters that High School Musical 4 will surely be a different turn of events.  Because of that, they might even drop the number in the title and make it simply High School Musical: East Meets West.

Along with the fresh turn in the HSM saga, they're also bringing in a new director.  Multichannel reports that the upcoming installment will be helmed by choreographer and director Jeffrey Hornaday.

"We have to have a new story," Ross exclaimed.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Reuters, Multichannel, Associated Press
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