Paula Abdul's reality show, 'Hey Paula,' debuts tonight
In case you didn't get enough of Paula Abdul during the 4,000 hours of American Idol that FOX aired last season, Bravo has you covered.  Tonight at 10PM ET/PT, Bravo will air the first installment of Hey Paula, a new reality show that follows Paula as she gallivants around the country, keeping up appearances and acting as you'd expect a single, middle-aged, rich, and famous lady to.  There is no gimmick to the proceedings, this show is of the Osbournes/Anna Nicole Smith Show variety, meaning it is purely a voyeuristic endeavor, giving adoring viewers an inside look at the machinations of Paula's life away from American Idol.

If the whole concept of Paula's new show puts you off, you're not alone.  Critics have by and large piled on Hey Paula, calling it a massive disaster.  Here's the thing.  From reading the reviews, it seems like Paula is the only lead character on the show.  She has a bunch of servants, but you can't expect them to get a lot of meaningful screen time.  Even the Anna Nicole show had secondary characters that were able to act as foils to Anna.  The point is, you need a bunch of characters if you want to create conflict and drama.  The Osbournes had inherent family drama.  Paula wandering through her privileged life alone isn't great fodder for interesting conflict.  Then again, I haven't seen an episode, so what do I know?  Maybe it'll be my favorite show of all time.

The critics, though, were rather brutal.  This is a sampling of what they had to say about Hey Paula. 

Entertainment Weekly says:

“ … Celebreality is the emptiest form of guilty pleasure, and this pathetic time-waster is no different. … a dull train wreck.”

The Washington Post says:

“ … We're a long way from the real world. We're in Paula World. Somehow, though, that world as depicted in "Hey Paula" is a rather dull place.”

The Hollywood Reporter says:

“ … All Hey Paula teaches viewers is that nothing that goes wrong in her life is ever her fault. Now, the big question is whether viewers will care about a day in the life of the "Idol" judge.”

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer

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