What Will Happen In 'Heroes' Volume 2 Finale?
What Will Happen In 'Heroes' Volume 2 Finale?
Only a few hours separate us from the conclusion of Heroes' Volume 2: "Generations." In quintessential Heroes fashion, numerous seemingly independent storylines promise to come together in tonight's episode, entitled "Powerless."

According to our unscientific poll, 51 percent of BuddyTV readers are most looking forward to seeing how Micah (Noah Gray-Cabey) and Niki's (Ali Larter) New Orleans-based story will play out. This might be because fans are convinced that Niki will be one of the two heroes to fall on tonight's finale; 43 percent believe that she will die while saving her son

The other primary storylines that will conclude tonight involve Sylar (Zachary Quinto) and Mohinder's (Sendhil Ramamurthy) standoff over Molly (Adair Tischler), HRG (Jack Coleman) as he continues to try to take down the Company, and Peter (Milo Ventimiglia) and Adam (David Anders) tracking down the virus at the Primatech Paper Company.

BuddyTV reader ilogic would like to see a scenario that goes something like this: "Mohinder . . . will try to warn Maya that [Sylar]'s a killer, Sylar begins to act strange and things tense up. Maya puts up a good fight while Mohinder and Molly try to escape, Molly gets injured, Sylar kills Maya but he's in shock because he's getting his power back. Mohinder has the choice to save the blood for Niki, or save Molly, he saves Molly effectively killing Niki . . . after she saves Micah and Monica in the beginning of the episode. Hiro will get owned by Peter until Peter can talk some sense into him but it turns out they catch Adam in the act, and they try to stop him but he gets away. Elle and Claire get into a fight but West dies trying to protect Claire, HRG gets free and meets up with Claire, she tells him about West's death. And he finally gets his daughter's help to take down the company. Booyah!" I, for one, wouldn't mind if it all goes down like this. I think we all could use a little less West in our lives.

Another issue that has been hotly debated this season is the introduction of new heroes this year. While most agree that Maya (Dania Ramirez) and Alejandro (Shalim Ortiz), the Honduran wonder twins, are to Heroes what Nikki and Paulo were to Lost, Elle (Kristen Bell) and her father Bob (Stephen Tobolowsky) have incited more disagreement. It's no secret that BuddyTV's own John Kubicek loves this ethically ambiguous father-daughter duo, but others, like residualimage and enyaj40 would like to see Elle be the hero to die tonight .

While season 2 has generally been viewed as a sprawling disappointment compared to the first season, some like bacolo69 consider the current season to be above average in quality. Either way, we'll find out tonight if all the separate storylines do indeed come together in a satisfactory manner, or if we'll just get more of the same.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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