Heroes: Episode 2.3 "Kindred" Afterthoughts
Heroes: Episode 2.3 "Kindred" Afterthoughts
Three episodes of Heroes Volume 2 down and we still have no idea what is up with these characters south of the border.  Heroes has found its own Nikki and Paulo in the guise of Maya (Dania Ramirez) and her twin Alejandro (Shalim Oritz).  Sylar (Zachary Quinto), has appeared back on the scene, but far less menacing, and Peter seems to be headed down a very slippery slope.  Read on for learnings from “Kindred,” along with what I like to call “the unified theory” of Heroes season 2.   Do I have it all figured out already?  You be the judge.

Maya and her brother may yet turn out to be important, but right now they are filler.  The reason I say that is because every week their story is the same thing over and over.  They run, they get separated, people die, repeat.   So I'm not even going to lavish them with thought at this point because I'm convinced slipping ratings and fan outcry will result in them double crossing each other, being bitten by spiders that cause death-like paralysis, and ultimately being buried alive.  Or so I hope.

The intriguing thing that seems to be underlying everything is this.  And stick with me, because it might make some of you angry Heroes fans very happy if it proves true.   Things are starting to get agonizingly uniform for a reason.  Repeating powers (Kensei, and West), are, by my reckoning, connected to this virus, and it all leads back to “the company.”

Follow me here.   Hiro runs his sword through Sylar, exposing himself to Sylar's blood, then is thrown back in time where the first person he has contact with is Kensei. And yes I know there were others, but I'm talking contained, close quarters contact.  An episode later, Kensei develops an ability.  What do we know about Sylar?   He has the virus.

So the side effect is that the virus kills people with abilities, but when it crosses to normal humans, they develop abilities.  This has not been proven on the show, but all the signs are there.  Now consider this,  Kensei being infected with the virus in the past may have been the beginning of all genetic anomalies to begin with, which would be totally paradoxical, or he may just have survived to be very, very old and powerful.  Our boogie man.

And while we are on the topic of bad guys, how about the return of Heroes original bad guy, Sylar?  Short and sweet.  I definitely think that long, isolating shot at the end of the episode was to let us know not to be expecting to see the brain sucker for a while.  He does, after all, have a Star Trek movie to make.

- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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