NBC Resurrects 'Heroes' for 2015 Miniseries
NBC Resurrects 'Heroes' for 2015 Miniseries
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
The Heroes will rise again. During the Winter Olympics, NBC ran a promo announcing that the Emmy-winning drama Heroes will return to television for a special 13-episode miniseries event titled Heroes Reborn in 2015.

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There are no details about the storyline except that it will be a self-contained arc that introduces new characters. The miniseries will be preceded by a web series so fans can meet some of these new heroes. It's possible (and likely) that some of the show's original cast members will return, but nothing is confirmed.

However, Heroes creator Tim Kring will be involved as the executive producer. Beyond that, fans will have to wait to find out if their favorites will come back.

Heroes ran for four seasons on NBC from 2006-2010. The first season was a smash hit, earning Emmy nominations for Outstanding Drama Series and Supporting Actor for star Masi Oka. Subsequent seasons saw a massive drop-off in ratings and, in the eyes of many viewers, quality. That may have been due in part to the Writers Guild of America strike that came during the show's second season.

NBC's decision to reboot the canceled drama seems inspired by FOX's resurrection of 24, which will air starting this May. Perhaps this will start a new trend to bring back more shows for special, one-off miniseries events.

The main question, however, is what characters will return? With Zachary Quinto's big screen success in the Star Trek franchise and Hayden Panettiere's starring role on ABC's Nashville, I doubt Sylar or the cheerleader will be back. Masi Oka is on Hawaii Five-0, but could definitely return for a small role given the fact that Heroes is responsible for turning him into a star. And I think we can all agree that Jack Coleman's HRG would be a great addition to help guide a new crop of super-powered people.

Are you excited for NBC's Heroes Reborn? Who would you most like to see come back? And what other canceled show should return as a miniseries?

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