'Heroes' Recap: Episode 3.24 "I Am Sylar" (Page 2/3)
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
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Ando is excited to be in the frozen time zone, but he can tell it irritates Hiro, who is like Superman with his Fortress of Solitude--a little fascist. Hiro insists he wants Ando to be an equal partner, but unfreezes time without telling Ando, so that the darts shot by the agents hit Ando. Then he freezes it again. He looks at an agent. "Just my size."

Danko approaches the building where Rebel is, and tells his agents to kill the lights. With the power grid down and no machines, they can catch Rebel. They run toward the building. Taub stays behind and disappears. Inside, Micah packs his stuff, and Sylar walks in. Micah he can help Sylar remember who he really is. People with powers are connected, and he doesn't have to be alone. "They don't know you," he says about the agents, "They can't see how special you are. You can save us all." Sylar hears the agents outside.

Inside a van, Ando is unconscious; Hiro is pretending to be an agent. He wears the facemask, but with his glasses on. Hiro touches Ando with his foot an freezes time. He wakes up Ando, who is understandably mad, and tells him to play possum. He unhooks the drug, and unfreezes time. One of the other agents looks at Hiro, and asks when he started wearing glasses. The man is about to taser Hiro when Ando uses his supercharger red blast to stun the agents and stop the van. Plan B: they get to Building 26 using the van's GPS. "Let's go, Batman!" Hiro says.

Danko gets word Rebel is running on the pier. The agents chase him, but no one takes a shot. The real Micah watches from behind as an agent reluctantly shoots the kid (Sylar), who falls over into the water. They look down at the water, but don't see him. A bit later, Sylar walks up behind Danko. Danko is worried that they couldn't find his body, but Sylar tells him that dead is dead. Danko says he has new intel with locations on specials, and he wants Sylar to go after the dangerous ones. He can start tonight after he changes his face.

Micah wakes up in Sylar's home, and watches him shift between himself and his mother as they hold a conversation. He sees Micah watching. Micah likens him to Nikki, who had identity issues but fought back. Micah tells him to become Nathan and make a real, positive difference to help people. An angry Sylar tells Micah to get out and not come back, because if he finds him again, he'll kill him.

Sylar goes to Nathan's office and looks around. He finds a travel toothbrush and puts it in his pocket. He changes into his mother, and they talk about how Sylar is better than Nathan, and could use his ability to become the President. She says he killed her as an accident, but he admits it was no accident. "How can I be special, how can I be anything, when I killed the only woman who ever loved me?" he asks her. She forgives him, and says now he can be anything he wants. She's happy to have him as a son. He looks at Nathan's toothbrush, which contains his DNA. "You're right." He touches the bristles and changes into Nathan.

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