Exclusive Interview! Heroes' Sylar - Zachary Quinto - Part 2

Definitely.  Which brought you more public recognition, 24 or Heroes?

Definitely Heroes.  I mean this is a whole other level for me creatively and also professionally.  You know it’s like 24 was great and I was in the third season, it was already really well established.  It’s a great show, it was groundbreaking in its time but I think my role on that show was definitely much more peripheral and sort of less flushed out.  And I think I get a lot more to do on this show.  I think I factor much more prominently into the story and I’m much more of a part of the group.  I’ve been pretty much a part of this show not from the very beginning, not from day one but from just a little way into the first season so I feel much more like you know a part of the family as it were.  Whereas with 24 like I came in, in Season 3 when it was already up and running and everybody sort of had their own shorthand already and I just sort of you know fell into that, as I needed to.

And you know this is the type of show that resonates with the comic crowd and stuff like that.  Are you being dragged into the whole convention circuit thing?

Not dragged unwillingly into it.  I’ve done one convention so far, I’m going to do another one this weekend.  You know for me that is actually really fun.  I’m a really social person, I really like to talk to people that are interested in what we’re making.  I think there’s something really gratifying about that.  I know there’s some actors that aren’t really into that and like to be into their own…well you know I feel like the show is so successful because people are responding to it and if I have an opportunity to meet those people and thank them and talk to them about what I’m doing then I’m more than happy to oblige you know.  I mean I don’t know if I’ll make a habit, like a consistent habit of it but I think you know a couple times a year, go out and meet some peeps, check it out, yeah I think that’s cool.

Now this being one of those mystery centered stories, do you get a lot of people that come up to you looking for spoilers?

Oh yeah, everybody wants to know what’s going on.  Every interview I give people are like, “So tell us what happens.”  I’m like I can’t tell you what happens because you’ve got to watch!  But yeah, people want to know.  Some people really want to know, some people don’t really, you know like some people really don’t want to know.  It’s like everything, everybody’s got their own sort of brand of “yeah, tell me what happens” and other people are like“ no you can’t I have to watch it.  Obviously we’re not allowed to give anything away so I keep my cards close to my vest.

Do you have any friends or family that are big fans?

Yeah, a lot of my friends are really, really big fans of the show.  My family watches it because I’m on it and then sort of subsequently became fans you know.  I don’t necessarily know that they would have been as diehard about it if I wasn’t on it.  But now that I am they’re totally with us one hundred percent.

At what point in filming, what episode are you guys up to?

We just started 22.  Today’s my first day on 22 and we are doing the last two episodes back to back.  You know the 22 and 23 are our season finale so it’s basically like a two-week event season finale.  So it’s getting pretty epic. We’re like hardcore.  Like I’m standing on the street downtown right now, like I can see like 20 taxi cabs and cars and traffic stopped and we’re definitely on the grander side of television production from my experience of it.

Is it going to be a two-parter or is it going to be one two-hour finale?

It’s going to be a two-parter.  So it will be like, I’m not sure exactly the dates, I think the season finale is May 21.  So it will be like what is that the 14th the 21st of May will be the two, will be episodes 22 and 23.   Most television shows get a 22-episode season; so they’ll order 13 and then they’ll order the back nine.  So they ordered 13 of our show and then they ordered the back 10.  So they gave us an extra episode basically.

-Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer

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