'Heroes' Season 2 Finale Coming in December?
'Heroes' Season 2 Finale Coming in December?
Kris De Leon
Kris De Leon
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In the past few weeks, you may have read something about a possible writers' strike in Hollywood and thought it was some meaningless threat that would have no real impact the TV you love. Oh, how wrong you are.

One day after NBC announced it was doing away with the Heroes: Origins spin-off miniseries, now comes word that, in preparation for the now inevitable strike, the Heroes team is retooling the end of its December 3 episode so that it works not just as the end to the second chapter, titled “Generations,” but also as an end to the second season.

That's right, if the strike moves forward and doesn't end quickly, the second season of Heroes may be over a whole lot faster than you expected. Scheduled to be episode 11, if the December 3 episode does in fact serve as the season finale, it would mean the Heroes year is more than halfway over. This presents several scenarios and should elicit different reactions.

On the one hand, Heroes season 2 has been largely panned by fans, and perhaps a quick conclusion followed by plenty of downtime would allow the writers to reflect on exactly why viewers aren't as excited this time around and adjust accordingly. On the other hand, the Heroes team may have been building to an exciting couple episodes, and that momentum may be broken by a shortened season.

However, Heroes fans needn't be too disturbed by the news. The writers had already mapped out two shortened arcs, or chapters, both to air this season. So in a way, this episode was supposed to be the end of a chapter anyway, so there will be some closure. Unfortunately, it's rather clear that “Generations” was about the Group of 12, the series of eight paintings and the impending battle with the Nightmare Man, while it's likely that chapter 3 would deal with the Big Bad Biohazard Peter sees in the future. Setting that date of June 14, 2008 may have been a bit premature if the writers' strike sticks and that story isn't actually told until next fall.

I will choose to be an optimist. Heck, look at Lost. It's been away for so long, and yet the ABC drama is proving the old adage that absence makes the heart grow fonder. Maybe, with a nine month wait until season 3, the same thing will happen with Heroes. All we'll need to get us through that time is a huge, game-changing cliffhanger a la the flash forwards.

-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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