'Heroes' Soundtrack Set for Release in March
'Heroes' Soundtrack Set for Release in March
There are a few television shows out there that have had absolutely wonderful soundtracks released.  I highly recommend you pick up all three of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer soundtracks, the Veronica Mars album, or one of the six mixes from The O.C. if you don't have them already.  The latest television show to put out an album filled with rocking tunes is NBC's Heroes.  The 18-track compilation will be released on March 18, exclusively at Best Buy stores or available for download at Zune Marketplace and other online outlets.  The CD will feature an eclectic group of songs from a range of artists including Bob Dylan, Wilco, and Imogen Heap.  Now you'll finally have the perfect music available when you want to test out your burgeoning superpowers.

The soundtrack opens with Wendy & Lisa's "Heroes Title," which many fans will recognize as the opening music to the series.  The CD includes brand new tracks from Wilco, Nada Surf, Panic! At The Disco, My Morning Jacket, Imogen Heap, and The Jesus and Mary Chain.  It also contains older tracks from the New Pornographers, Bob Dylan, and David Bowie.  Many of these songs have never been featured on the actual series, but the album's producers are hoping the tunes will remind viewers of their favorite Heroes moments.

The album's executive producer, Errol Kolosine, stated, "For a long time music and comic dork like myself, this project has been a dream come true.  The team behind Heroes had a commitment to making this soundtrack as unique and inspiring as the show itself, which is how we managed this stellar selection of musical heroes.  It was also exciting to make the album direct with NBC, without the intrusion of any label or other entity that might have challenged the integrity of the project."

The complete track listing is as follows:

1.  Heroes Title - Wendy & Lisa
2.  Fire and Regeneration - Wendy & Lisa
3.  He's Frank - Brighton Port Authority featuring Iggy Pop
4.  All For Swinging You Around - New Pornographers
5.  Glad It's Over - Wilco
6.  Weightless - Nada Surf
7.  Nine In The Afternoon - Panic! At The Disco
8.  Chills - My Morning Jacket
9.  Natural Selection - Wendy & Lisa
10.  ABoneCroneDrone 3 - Shelia Chandra
11.  Not Now But Soon - Imogen Heap
12.  Jealously Rides With Me - Death Cab For Cutie
13.  All Things Must Pass - The Jesus and Mary Chain
14.  Homecoming - Wendy & Lisa
15.  Man In The Long Black Coat - Bob Dylan
16.  Maya's Theme - Yerba Buena
17.  Keeping My Composure - The Chemical Brothers featuring Spank Rock
18.  Heroes - David Bowie

- Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
(Image courtesy of NBC)